This morning, my cousin texted me a picture I had no idea she’d taken–me, my mom, and Meem in the last few days of Meem’s life. She was in the hospital bed that had taken up residence in the center of the living room I grew up playing in, I was brushing her hair back from her face, and my mom was holding her hands.

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The hardest goodbye

My grandmother passed away in the wee hours of Saturday morning, surrounded by her four children and her husband of nearly 41 years. I was in her bedroom, just the next room over from the living room where we and a hospice nurse had been tending to her since her release from the hospital just a couple of days earlier.

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The busiest season

I cannot, in my entire adult life, remember a time when I’ve been as busy as I am now.  I’m doing some things in-office and from home for job #1, working 25-30 hours a week at job #2 (which will probably go up as we get closer to Christmas, because that’s kind of a thing in retail), getting things squared away for our wedding, and, in my ever-decreasing spare time, reading anything I can get my hands on about London.  Why?  Because Dallas and I are going in January, that’s why!

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