The hardest goodbye

My grandmother passed away in the wee hours of Saturday morning, surrounded by her four children and her husband of nearly 41 years. I was in her bedroom, just the next room over from the living room where we and a hospice nurse had been tending to her since her release from the hospital just a couple of days earlier.

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Wedding update, if you’re interested in such a thing

It really has come together over the last week or so.  I can’t help but worry that we’re missing something huge and it’ll eventually dawn on one or the other of us with no time to fix it, but hopefully that’s not the case.

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The busiest season

I cannot, in my entire adult life, remember a time when I’ve been as busy as I am now.  I’m doing some things in-office and from home for job #1, working 25-30 hours a week at job #2 (which will probably go up as we get closer to Christmas, because that’s kind of a thing in retail), getting things squared away for our wedding, and, in my ever-decreasing spare time, reading anything I can get my hands on about London.  Why?  Because Dallas and I are going in January, that’s why!

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Three years

It was kind of crazy to realize this morning when I got up that it’s November 3rd.  Three years ago tonight, Dallas walked me home from a night out with friends and we decided to give that dating thing a try.

It hasn’t always been easy.  In the last three years, the longest continuous amount of time we’ve spent together in the same place is just a hair under eleven months.  I thought the three months we spent apart starting about six months into our relationship (I was in Michigan, he was in Georgia and then in Indiana) were rough until this past year when he spent the better part of a year in Romania and Germany.  I was thrilled to have him home for about two months on his school break in February and March, but I still had to put him on a plane in Atlanta and go home without him at the end of it.  This past July was much better–Atlanta’s airport is pretty nice, I guess, but that doesn’t mean I want to be up there because he’s going someplace.  I got used to him traveling, but that didn’t make it easier to say goodbye.

Saturday evening Dallas picked me up from work and we drove out to Tybee Island, where we’re getting married next summer.  We met with our wedding officiant at a funky little coffee shop out on the Island yesterday morning and all systems are go for a sunset wedding on July 25, 2015.  This is basically a planned elopement but we still want it to be special.  It’s feeling a lot more real lately–we’ve been engaged since February of 2013, but Dallas got my wedding ring a few months ago, I bought the dress I’m going to wear about three weeks ago, got his wedding band a week ago yesterday, and we made the vast majority of wedding-day arrangements yesterday.  Whew!  We have the next few months to figure out who exactly is planning on coming, get in touch with some of the restaurants to see if we can just make reservations to take everybody out to dinner before or after the ceremony (we don’t expect a lot of people, obviously), arrange for dessert (going to contact our favorite bakery here in Warner Robins about special-ordering cupcakes), and make plans for our honeymoon (birding trip on Jekyll Island).  I’m already in touch with someone about silk flowers, so that’s pretty exciting.

By this time next year, we’ll have been married for a little over three months, so that’s pretty cool to consider.  I can’t think of anybody else I’d want to spend my life with.

Happy three years, darling.  Here’s to the rest of our lives.