Another busy season draws to a close

It always feels good to get back home, even if it’s just home from work, but this morning, I’m especially grateful to be here.

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100 More Happy Days, days 8-22 (?!)

Uhhhh, so I’ve gotten pretty far behind blogging these.  A lot has been going on–I’ve been sick, working, traveling, catching up with friends, and in general just trying to keep my head up and my feet going forward.  Nothing too bad, just busy and stressed.  So, basically, business as usual.

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More of this, please

It actually feels like fall outside, at least the kind of fall I got used to growing up in northern Michigan.  A lot of people have complained about how cold it is–but I love it.  Hot drinks, hoodies, hats and scarves, chilly breezes and cool mists, chunky sweaters, flannel, boots…it shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me that fall has always been my favorite season.

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