Doing just fine (for now)

I’ve been on my new antidepressant for about six weeks, and things are going really well on that front.  I feel happier and have a little more energy than I did, which makes a lot of things a little easier.

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2016, a postscript

2016, for me, was in many ways both the best and worst year of my life so far.  The highs were incredible; the lows, excruciating.  I’m trying to approach 2017 as a totally fresh start despite the fact that it’s not.  Every day, week, month, and year is a continuation of the last one–and I know just enough to understand that the trials of the recent past can help me create a better future.

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Big things happening!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Dallas and I are preparing to relocate to the Washington, DC metro area in the next couple of weeks.  He’s accepted a contract researcher position on an encyclopedia project in his field that he’s worked on before; I will be transferring with my current company while putting out feelers for jobs in history/museums/libraries/archives/education.  (I’m not picky, but I’d love to be doing something that uses my degree!)

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The hardest goodbye

My grandmother passed away in the wee hours of Saturday morning, surrounded by her four children and her husband of nearly 41 years. I was in her bedroom, just the next room over from the living room where we and a hospice nurse had been tending to her since her release from the hospital just a couple of days earlier.

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When what weighs you down threatens to pull you under

My mental health has been all over the map these last few weeks.  I have had some incredible days in there alert, lively, cheerful, talkative, totally at peace with where my life has been and where it’s going.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t been a frequent occurrence.

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