Status: slowly but steadily improving

I haven’t blogged lately, or even really thought about blogging much–exhausted, apathetic, busy, stressed, depressed, out of words.  There are dozens of words and phrases that could describe my life and my state of mind lately, and most of them are not good.

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My head is spinning

I had today off.  I have tomorrow off too.  So I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible, because my opportunities for relaxation will be very limited in the next couple of weeks.  Today we went to the craft store and looked at a few things…I have some ideas for wedding lunch decorations now, and I just need to get the supplies.  And, um, make the time to do all this do-it-yourself stuff.

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Progress and the New Year

I cringe a bit when I see a flood of “New Year’s Resolution!!!!”-type posts on social media this time of year.  You don’t need a new year to be a new you.  You just need the motivation to get off your ass and get it done.  January 1st is just an easy date to remember if you do actually make the progress you wanted to make.

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Six months in Georgia

Back in early May, Dallas and I left our little home in the upstairs section of an old farmhouse for what was a truly epic road trip. We had ourselves and virtually everything of any importance to either of us crammed into his truck, and we drove almost a thousand miles over two days to get to his parents’ house.

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