Still here, just busy

I’ve had a lot of blog hits in the last few days from various places I’ve called home, so I want to stress that I’m still alive, for starters.  Things have just been moving at an insanely fast pace recently and I haven’t had time to do much of anything, let alone blog.

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The hardest goodbye

My grandmother passed away in the wee hours of Saturday morning, surrounded by her four children and her husband of nearly 41 years. I was in her bedroom, just the next room over from the living room where we and a hospice nurse had been tending to her since her release from the hospital just a couple of days earlier.

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100 More Happy Days, days 8-22 (?!)

Uhhhh, so I’ve gotten pretty far behind blogging these.  A lot has been going on–I’ve been sick, working, traveling, catching up with friends, and in general just trying to keep my head up and my feet going forward.  Nothing too bad, just busy and stressed.  So, basically, business as usual.

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In which the crazy cat lady becomes even crazier

The last 20 hours or so have been kind of wild around the Michelbacher household.  There are now three of us in this one-bedroom apartment.  The new arrival is female, weighs a little under eight pounds, and is covered in black and white fur.  Yes–we’ve got a cat here now.  Her name is Felicity.

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