I think this is what you call “settled”

In the six and a half years we’ve been together, Dallas and I have lived at five different addresses and moved basically cross-country twice (Michigan to Georgia, then Georgia to Maryland). Last year, when the lease was up on our old apartment, we moved to one closer to my current job (it cut my commute from almost an hour and a half down to under 30 minutes without making a real difference in Dallas’s commute–he just takes a different train line to work). We recently got a note from our apartment management asking us to make a decision soon about whether we’re staying or going when our lease is up in a couple months…and for the first time, we’re actually going to stay put in the same place for more than a year! When our current lease is up, we’re signing a new one, unless something wild happens and we end up needing to move out of the area before then. (Dallas has job applications out in other states, so it could happen, but it’s super unlikely.)

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City life

We’ve been here in metro DC for a little over a week, and we’re all settling in pretty nicely.  Yes, all, including Lissy Lou!  The first few days in our new place were awful–she cried a lot and neither of us humans got much sleep.  However, since she got used to this apartment being her new home, she’s acted like she likes it even more than our old place.  She actually gets up on the couch and the bed, which was rare before, and after looking suspiciously at her new cat tree for a couple of days, now she spends most of her time on it.

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Big things happening!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Dallas and I are preparing to relocate to the Washington, DC metro area in the next couple of weeks.  He’s accepted a contract researcher position on an encyclopedia project in his field that he’s worked on before; I will be transferring with my current company while putting out feelers for jobs in history/museums/libraries/archives/education.  (I’m not picky, but I’d love to be doing something that uses my degree!)

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