About Me

Hi, I’m Michelle.  I’m a proud Michigander, but for now home is one of the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC.  Before this, I lived in central Georgia, about a hundred miles south of Atlanta, for a little over three years.

I hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history (with most of my study focusing on environmental history and the rise of green politics) from Central Michigan University.  I married my grad school sweetheart, Dallas, on July 25, 2015.  I hope to use my degrees work in education or a museum/archival environment at some point in the near future.  For now, I have a job that keeps me busy (and in shape!).

I’m living with anxiety.  Most days it’s mild to moderate, though I still have days I’d classify as “severe” (oh, don’t we all).  I’ve written quite a bit about my own journey here.

I’m a genealogist, amateur photographer, avid reader, clarinetist, saxophonist, and the hu-mom of two cats, Dylan and Felicity.  My favorite color is green, though some days I prefer purple.  I would rather swim in Lake Huron than any ocean on the planet.  I am a cat person who also loves dogs, a grown-up with a fondness for the Muppets, and a low-maintenance woman who owns waaaaaay too many beauty products.

I also enjoy cooking, working out, listening to all kinds of music, and traveling.

Speaking of traveling, here’s a map of all the US states I’ve been to so far:


(I’ve flown over West Virginia and Wisconsin but have never actually set foot in either.)

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