Hitting my stride

As of today, I’ve been at my new job for two weeks.  I didn’t think it was possible to enjoy a retail job as much as I’m enjoying this, but it’s a nice change.

Sure, there are some cranky customers, and sometimes I’m left gritting my teeth because a procedure or policy doesn’t work the way I’d expect it to, but all in all, I’m in a way better place than the one I left.  I figured out how to get my commute down from almost two hours down to an hour and thirty-five minutes, and with the exception of yesterday afternoon when a late bus made me more than 20 minutes late to work, even that long commute has gone fairly smoothly.  We’re exploring some options for places to live a little closer to my new job and one of the metro lines so that when our lease here is up, we might both have a reasonable commute.

Right now I’m usually out of the house 10-11 hours per work day, which is hard.  I’m very thankful for Dallas because he’s been holding down a lot of the housework, cooking, and coming to pick me up from work in the evenings so I don’t end up stranded someplace after the buses quit running.  He just sent out a proposal for the book he’s writing based on his dissertation, so please keep your fingers crossed–he’s sent it to a university press he was sure wouldn’t be interested, but one of his coworkers (who knows a lot about publishing) told him not to sell himself short.  He’s nervous but hopeful.

Other than that, we’re just both doing that Boring Adult thing, but at this point in time, that’s actually really comforting.  It’s nice to have routines to follow and some predictability to our lives.  As an introvert with extreme anxiety, things being boring and routine are good for me.  The only thing I want right now is more sleep.  Everything else is falling into place quite nicely.


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