I haven’t gone anywhere (yet)

I haven’t written in over two months. My bad.

In my defense, things have been simultaneously stressful and boring.  I have no idea how that works, but that’s what’s been going on.  Things have been really trying and difficult, but at the same time, there’s been nothing new to report.

Oh wait, there is now.  This Friday is my last day at my current job.  I’m not moving to a new position or a different store, I’m leaving the company entirely, and I’ve got some conflicting feelings. I’m grateful for all I’ve learned there–somehow I worked my way up from a seasonal cashiering job to a management position in about two years, because some of the people I’ve worked with have seen something in me that I didn’t see in myself: potential.  On the other hand, and I’m not sure if this is a company-wide issue or something more at the district level, some cost-saving measures that have been implemented are actually having a negative effect on the business, which is disheartening.  In my store, there are people in positions they’re not prepared for, and as time goes by, they’re not hitting their stride.  Even the least patient of us can expect someone to take a few months to find their feet in a new position with a lot of responsibilities, but it’s really frustrating to not see much, if any, improvement while you’re frantically running around trying to keep things running.

Under these circumstances, and some other things going on at work that I don’t really want to discuss right now, it was pretty easy for another company to lure me away.  Once I complete my training at my new job, I’ll be the store’s customer service manager.  I’ll be in charge of the customer-facing functions of the sales floor: supervising and assisting cashiers, keeping registers up and running, customer satisfaction, driving credit acquisitions, and orientation and training for new staff members.  The store is really nice (and in a way safer area than my current store).  I walked around for a bit before my interview, not telling anyone who I was or why I was there, and observed the associates.  Everyone I saw or spoke to was calm, friendly, helpful, and obviously had a great deal of pride in their work environment, which will be a nice change!

Was working in retail what I planned to be doing as I rapidly approach the age of 30? Not really, but I’ve been offered opportunities, and I’m going to take this one.  Someday I’ll at least get to volunteer in one of my fields, if not actually work in one of them, but for now I’m going to soak up everything life is offering me.  This job is actually a really funny next step for people who have known me for a long time, because I’m pretty introverted and used to be really timid.  Over the last six months, I’ve been able to connect with employees and customers and have developed a lot more confidence in my ability to build relationships, solve problems, and encourage other people towards success. (Or, as my current assistant manager put it, “you got balls”.)  Feels pretty good.  I’m hoping this job will go a little easier on my mental health than the one I’m leaving has, but we’ll see.  It does seem like it’s going to be a way more supportive and at least a little less stressful work environment, so I am hopeful.


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