Up, up, and away

These last few weeks have been crazy busy here at Haus Michelbacher.  We’ve both been working a ton, but have had a little time here and there to go do a few things in town–I joined our local community band, and he might start going to the Ultimate Frisbee club this evening.  There’s basically a club/organized group for any hobby you can think of in this area, which is a wonderful change from where we were living in Georgia.

Biggest news of the moment: I got promoted.  I announced it on Facebook pretty much when it happened, but now I have more details on what I’m doing and when I’m starting, so I’m a little more comfortable sharing information about my new position now.

Back in Georgia, I interviewed for a higher position in my store and did well in the interview process, but not quite well enough.  Our company did some restructuring at the store level last spring and created positions for people to essentially serve as the right hand of the department supervisors, helping with shipment planning, floor sets, and associate training, as well as stepping into a rotating customer service supervisor position on the floor (usually referred to as “leader on duty”).  My current store has had some personnel shake-ups lately with people leaving the company and other people being shifted around to fill some positions that couldn’t sit empty.  A couple of weeks ago, after sneakily watching me work on a few different tasks and throwing me some projects that weren’t strictly under my job title to see how I’d handle them, my store manager asked me to step up into the position I’d been passed over for at my last store.

Am I terrified?  Of course.  I don’t like people getting in my face and yelling at me, my supervisory experience consists of teaching high school band camp and assisting in a kindergarten classroom, and I don’t do well with stress.  Like, really don’t do well.  But at the same time, I couldn’t turn down a full-time position–especially when I’ve applied for a heap of jobs in my field, several with the assurance that “we plan to issue a hiring offer for this position within X days” and it’s now been .75X and they literally haven’t even reviewed my applications.  (I’m not bitter though.  Not really.)

Anyway, I technically move into my new position on October 1st, but it looks like I probably start training for it on September 30th.  I’m with my truck crew the first couple days of this work week, and then move over to the women’s department, which will be my “home” in my new position, from what I can tell.  (I’m replacing someone who’s herself replacing our HR director, who left for family reasons.)  I’m going to miss my team, but it’s going to be nice to have a more consistent schedule and make a little more money.  When I work 5 days a week, I spend a total of 12-14 hours on buses and trains and spend about $40 to get to and from work.  Right now, I’m spending that money and that time to go work on a highly variable schedule–some weeks I work almost 30 hours, some I’m lucky to get 15.  The costs of my commute won’t change, but it’ll certainly feel better to be spending all of that time and money to get to and from a full-time job with slightly better pay.  One of the really frustrating things about what I’m doing now is that after I pay the few bills I have in just my name, virtually all of the remainder of my pay goes into my transportation costs.  I’d love to be able to go shopping or take my husband out to dinner once in a while, you know?

Dallas is working on turning his dissertation into a book and so he’s been busy looking for potential publishers.  He’s also applying for teaching jobs for next year already.  I can tell he enjoys his job, which is great because research and writing are two of the skills he worked really hard to develop during grad school and now he’s getting paid to do both and to become even more familiar with an archive that’s super important for his own academic interests.

So I guess you could say things are going okay for us right now.  I’m constantly tired and achy, and have been fighting with insane vertigo the last couple of weeks (I’ve had ear problems for years, but of course they’d affect me the worst when I can’t actually go see a professional about them).  Our Maryland health insurance finally kicks in on the 1st and I’m looking forward to being able to find a doctor, a psychiatrist, a gynecologist, and maybe even a therapist since our insurance (shockingly!) is really good when it comes to mental health treatment.  I guess adulthood is when you get excited about things like being healthy and paying your bills on time instead of things like presents and cake.


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