City life

We’ve been here in metro DC for a little over a week, and we’re all settling in pretty nicely.  Yes, all, including Lissy Lou!  The first few days in our new place were awful–she cried a lot and neither of us humans got much sleep.  However, since she got used to this apartment being her new home, she’s acted like she likes it even more than our old place.  She actually gets up on the couch and the bed, which was rare before, and after looking suspiciously at her new cat tree for a couple of days, now she spends most of her time on it.

Life has been a big adjustment for us as well.  I work very early in the morning and take public transit to get to and from work, so if I have to be at work at 7, that means getting up by 4:30 and heading to the bus stop a little before 6.  My commute isn’t bad: a few miles on the bus, a very short trip on the train, and about half a mile from the train station.  Dallas, however, has to spend quite a lot of time on the train, and then walk almost a mile in dress clothes in a place with way more traffic.  I met him near his office for lunch the other day and the trip there from our apartment took me almost an hour and a half!  I just applied for a job that would actually use my degrees, too, and my commute to that, if I got it, would be about an hour and fifteen minutes (and go through some not-so-nice parts of Washington).  I’m hopeful but nervous.

As for our apartment and our neighborhood, they’re pretty great.  It’s relatively quiet (except the part where the fire department is across the street so we hear some sirens), very walkable, and OMG THERE ARE TREES.  Actual, real, tall, old trees.  And squirrels and birds.  Living here, it’s easy to forget that we live like 15 miles from the President of the United States.  We have a patio, which we haven’t used much yet because it’s been too hot, and since we live on the top floor of our elevator-free building, every day is leg day.  I suspect we’ll both be in pretty good shape soon.

All in all, I think we’re exactly where we need to be right now.  Yes, living here is on the expensive side (especially compared to a place like Warner Robins), but there’s a lot to do for free or for cheap close by.


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