Big things happening!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Dallas and I are preparing to relocate to the Washington, DC metro area in the next couple of weeks.  He’s accepted a contract researcher position on an encyclopedia project in his field that he’s worked on before; I will be transferring with my current company while putting out feelers for jobs in history/museums/libraries/archives/education.  (I’m not picky, but I’d love to be doing something that uses my degree!)

We think–think–we have an apartment.  We need to get some paperwork in, including proof of employment/income (more on that later), but I am hopeful. It’s in the town we wanted to live in, within safe and easy walking distance of a lot of cheap/free activities, and the commute won’t be terrible on public transit.

The proof of employment and income thing is tricky–I’ve asked my current boss to fill the form out, but I’ve also emailed the manager at my new store to find out what kind of hours/pay I’ll be looking at.  When my current store has had work for me to do, I’ve typically worked around 30 hours a week, which would technically be enough at my current rate of pay for Dallas and I to meet the minimum income requirements for this apartment.  However, my current store is pretty small, and at various points in the year, hours are really slim.  In addition, there were a few weeks this year that I didn’t work at all due to family issues and things relating to Dallas’ schooling that kept me out of state.  I have no idea if my boss will literally go back to January 1st and come up with my average hours worked per week over the whole year or what, because a lot of that has been out of my control and we definitely won’t be considered eligible for the apartment.

I also don’t know that my new boss will be willing/able to fill out this form, given that a) my transfer can’t actually be official until I’m done at my current store and b) she doesn’t know me yet and has zero access to the information she’d need for my form, but I did ask my current boss to put in the “comments” area of the form I gave him that I’m transferring from my current job to one close to where we’re moving, where the minimum wage is higher than what I’m making now.  In addition, my new store’s advertisements for my position say they’re looking for full-time people, so I’m hoping that’s what I’ll be working.  In that case, we won’t have any problem meeting the minimum income requirement for the place we want to live.

It’s just stressful right now because we’ve got so little time to get all of this done.  The start date for Dallas’ job is August 15th, which is when I told my new store I’ll be available to work.  But we need a place to live first, and the zillion pieces of paperwork for this place are making it awfully hard.  (We also, from the looks of things, need to have our former apartment complex fill out a form showing that we were good tenants who paid on time and don’t owe them any money. At this point, they owe us money that we might not actually get until after we’ve moved.)

So yes, everything is frightening and stressful but we’re somehow going to make it work (I hope).


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