Going through withdrawal

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I am addicted to coffee.

I’m making an honest attempt to cut down on my coffee intake for a lot of reasons.  One is the hope that cutting back on caffeine will help with some of my physical anxiety symptoms.  Another is the fact that I add way too much sugar and creamer (and therefore empty calories) to every cup of coffee I pour, which isn’t helping my “eek I need to lose some of this antidepressant weight” problem.

I’ve been drinking a lot more water lately, which can only be a good thing, and because I’m not sure I could handle quitting caffeine altogether, I’ve switched to tea when I want a non-water beverage to drink.  I don’t have to add anything to it and it doesn’t take but a few minutes to make, so it’s been a good substitute.  However, today I felt like I deserved a treat, so went and got a massive iced coffee.  Let’s see if I sleep at all tonight.

So far my experiment is going pretty well, but then again, there aren’t a lot of hours to go around at work right now, so I’m in the middle of a four-day weekend and have time to sleep, be lazy, etc.  The extra sleep is making up for the missing caffeine, but I can’t guarantee it’ll always be that way.  I’ve tried to quit coffee before, and ended up going right back to it.  Maybe this will be the time it sticks.

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