The itchiest time of the year

Growing up in Michigan, I didn’t see a lot of pollen.  I might’ve sneezed a few times.  Georgia’s pollen game is ridiculous.  It’s disgusting, and it’s everywhere.  As a result, I am miserable right now.

It also doesn’t help that my skin is really sensitive to a lot of different soaps, lotions, and detergents, so if I use a different kind of laundry detergent, I itch.  If I use most body lotions (especially anything scented), I itch.  I have to spot-test any new soap or body wash or bubble bath I want to use, because my skin (over)reacts to a lot of things and it’s easier to handle a small itchy patch of skin than to have my whole body feel like it’s on fire.

It really doesn’t help one of the physical manifestations of my anxiety is intense full-body itching.  That was really awesome on Friday at work, when I walked into pure chaos–my company pushed out a bunch of new signs for me to put up on a tight deadline, plus it turned out a bunch of signs I needed to put up didn’t exist, so I had to make them myself.  For “security”, the company recently rolled out a virtual machine setup, where each computer in the store has to connect to a host computer someplace else in order for us to do anything, so making and printing signs took longer than it used to.  Oh, and the printer didn’t want to work, either.  And, as I mentioned, we were running on a very tight deadline…and there were only two of us to do all this work.  I cried, swore, and scratched at my arms, legs, and neck while making signs on the stockroom computer, because I still don’t have any actual coping mechanisms in place for work situations like that.  After work I came home, cried some more, and ate most of a pint of ice cream that my wonderful long-suffering husband brought home for me.

Tomorrow I’ll be in the same situation–another last-minute decision by the company to roll out new signage throughout the entire store–and instead of having four hours to make and stage signs, I’ll only have three.  But this time, I feel a little more prepared: there will be three, maybe four, of us to do this work.  That three-hour period is before the store opens (last time, I didn’t start work until we’d been open for an hour).  Wednesday is not typically as busy as Friday, anyway, so if necessary, we can prioritize sections of the store that tend to have more traffic.  I now know how to access the report that says which things are going on sale and for what price, so even if I have to make a lot of signs, I’ll have all the information I need instead of having to try to look it all up.  (In addition, if there’s a sign available online, already made, I can pull it up by number and print it off, because the report has that information too.)

So I’m hopeful.  I don’t want to say it couldn’t be worse than Friday, because there’s always a way for it to be worse and to say otherwise is just inviting bad luck on myself.  It does feel like I’ve got a better idea this time of what my team is up against, so maybe, just maybe, it’ll be less stressful on all of us.  My poor forearms are still recovering from what looks like a violent sandpaper attack.


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