100 More Happy Days, the conclusion

I left off on November 24, over a month ago, so there’s a lot to catch up on.

Day 64 was my birthday, November 25.  I worked an afternoon/evening shift that day, but got to go hang out with a certain Boo-cat first.  Of course he took a dirt bath before he came to be my bestest, bestest friend.

Thanksgiving was Day 65.  Before departing for an overnight shift at work, we had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat with some family friends and Dallas’ parents at the home of two of the friends and their herd of pets.  One of them is this guy, Mr. Waddles.  He can run close to 40 miles an hour and could probably knock an elephant off his feet (his human dad couldn’t put up Christmas lights this year due to injuries from a collision with Waddles), but he is also cuddly and kissy, as seen here.

On Day 66, I was recovering from food poisoning that I suspect I picked up at work overnight (kids, never eat the potato salad unless you know exactly where it’s been at all times, you don’t know how long it sat out before it went in the refrigerator), but I still had errands to run.  I think I deserved a little treat, so I stopped into Starbucks for a pound of Christmas Blend Espresso Roast.  It is now my favorite coffee, so I’m kind of sad because it’s seasonal.

Somehow I struggled through work on Day 67, despite still feeling sick from the food poisoning, and got some Cheerwine to try to settle my stomach.  Is it overly sweet?  Yes.  Do I love it anyway? Of course, don’t be silly.

Day 68 was gorgeous.  It was so nice to be able to go out in the sun with the dogs in short sleeves.  Dallas took this picture of Bo giving me a kiss on the nose.

I made my seasonal trip to Bath and Body Works on Day 69 for refills for our Wallflowers plug-ins.  This was the one I put in our bedroom.

On Day 70, I got some very special mail.  Some time back, I helped fund a Bill Nye documentary project on Kickstarter.  One of the neat things the filmmakers sent me as a “backer reward” was a shirt I wore yesterday, black with a white silhouette of Bill Nye and the word “SCIENCE” underneath.  Another cool thing was this frisbee.  I got Lissy to sit with it for the picture, but she actually chases it if we throw it in the apartment.  (Obviously she’s too little to catch it.)

Day 71 was a selfie with the first of many Holiday Spice Flat Whites I got from Starbucks over the Christmas season.  I wasn’t terribly impressed by the first one, but I did order it one of the first few days they had it, and they got a lot better after that.  Now that Christmas is over, I’ve switched back to regular flat whites, but now they taste like they’re missing something.

I wasn’t actually happy on Day 72, so here’s a picture of my lamp with a long caption about how I was feeling.  Little did I know that my emotional state would deteriorate even further after Day 72.

On Day 73, I had to fake happiness at work, and I usually do that by being ridiculously silly.  Here it was by putting a tinsel Christmas tree decoration on my head like a hat.

I ate the best treat in the universe on Day 74.  Two words: brownie brittle.  You’re welcome.

Day 75: further deterioration of my mental health, but here’s a rose.

Therapy day was Day 76, and at the time, it didn’t feel like it was any use at all.  I’m still not quite ready to talk about it.  My blankets were my best friend that day.

I had a bad day at work on Day 77.  Like, really bad.  However, coming home to this little lady was quite all right with me.

Roses, Day 78.  What else is there to say?

Work was rough again on Day 79.  But I came home and had hot chocolate with all of the whipped cream on top, so at least that improved my day somewhat.

On Day 80, I found one of the food/drink items I missed most about Michigan right here in Warner Robins.  I think every part of the country has some kind of weird regional food you can’t find anywhere else, and Michigan is no exception.  I am dying for a good pasty (I’d make some from scratch, but Dallas doesn’t eat them), and I’ll probably mail-order pączki again this year.  So it was a very good end to a terrible week when I found a two-liter bottle of Vernors in the “specialty soft drinks” section at the grocery store.  Hilariously enough, you can walk into just about any tiny gas station in Michigan and walk out with Vernors.  I really took it for granted living here–other ginger ales are not as good, though I found one out of Atlanta (Red Rock) that’s close.  You can see that I’m very excited.

I had added a second Starbucks bag to Lissy’s stash, and on Day 81 I set it next to the original.  She didn’t really know what to make of having two bags (she likes to put her paws under the folded-up bottom and also to lay on them).  Just look at those eyes!

On Day 82, we stopped into the new HomeGoods store in town for a cat dish we had looked at and previously decided not to get.  Thankfully it was still there!  This has two important attributes: the bowls are stainless steel (did you know plastic cat dishes can harbor bacteria that can give cats very serious facial inflammation that actually looks like acne?) and the design makes it hard for Lissy to a) move food into her water bowl and b) push it across the floor, both of which have been problems in the past.  Also, it’s very cute and is way easier to keep clean than her last cat dish, which was a single dish divided into two bowls.

We got a special delivery on Day 83: a Christmas box from my mom!  She even included a stocking for Lissy, which was pretty awesome of her.

Day 84 was rough.  Mental health, etc.  I tried, I really did.

On Day 85, I enjoyed my coffee out of the mug Mom sent me for Christmas.  She also sent Dallas one, but he hasn’t used it yet.

Lissy kept us amused with her shenanigans on Day 86.  She loves boxes, as many cats do.  She repurposed the box from my mom into kind of a stand-up cat bed, blocking the light so she could sleep.  Or so she could give me the death stare from one of the flaps.

I got a perm on Day 87, which is basically the only real change I’ve made to my hair (except the side bangs I got over a year and a half ago) since I started growing it out in the fall of 2011.  But because I love to eat, of course the most exciting part of the day was that I found stroopwafels at Target!

I spent most of Day 88 with my darling Dylan Bean.  He really loved the tree skirt at his grandparents’ house, where he lives due to his health (upcoming post on that within the next few days).  Having been a stray, he usually feels safest in the house, but I guess he felt like he needed to watch for Santa, so he was on the tree skirt with one eye open for a lot of the day.

Dylan was also my picture for Day 89.  His tongue usually hangs out, and that day was no exception.  He wanted to be with me all day, and he was asleep on my chest for a lot of it.  I snapped this picture after carefully moving him to the couch so I could get up and go to the bathroom.

My supervisor at work gave me a pretty awesome Christmas gift on Day 90.  The giant mug basically means I don’t have to get up for a while once I sit down with my coffee, and the coffee and cookie were good too.

Dallas and I went on an actual date on Day 91.  The holiday season is hard for people who work in the service industry, because it feels like you never have a moment to catch your breath and you never see your family.  Even though we live together, Dallas and I hadn’t really gotten to spend much time together in the lead-up to Christmas because we were both ridiculously busy.  It was nice to dress up and catch up over a good meal.

He couldn’t wait to give me my Christmas gift, so I got it a little early, on Day 92.  I think part of why he couldn’t wait is that I work so many early mornings and the travel mug he got me would be of use right away.

Dylan slept through most of Christmas Eve, which was Day 93.  You’ve got to be really tired to sleep like this.

Day 94 was Christmas, and I made a little photo collage since we kinda missed sending Christmas cards this year.  Whoops.

On Day 95, our friend Ross was home from Atlanta for Christmas, so we went to his parents’ house to meet his mom’s foster kitten (long-haired and solid black and EEEEEE SO CUTE).  I also made friends with his family’s dogs.  Georgina is massive and had to sniff and lick my arms and legs, and Audrey wanted to get in my lap and get belly rubs.  What’s not to love?!

We got some really lovely wall art for Christmas from Dallas’ aunt, uncle, cousins, and cousin-in-law.  We’re still getting around to putting it up (one piece will require both of us, possibly a third person, and a level) but I did hang up one canvas on Day 96, right across from the end of our bed so Dallas will see it when he wakes up every morning.  I’d say I would too, but without my glasses it’s all a blur.

On Day 97, I used the front camera of my phone to check my hair while running errands after work–the windows were down because it was warm and breezy–and to my surprise, my hair actually looked okay!  I am slowly learning how to properly care for and style my new curls.

Sometimes our cat does some funny things.  See Day 98 for proof.

On Day 99, I was climbing into bed when I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture all day, just a video of the cat being gross and drinking rainwater on our balcony.  The closest happy thing at hand was half a dozen roses from my sweet husband.  I forgot to shut off the auto-flash but I still like how it turned out.

Today is Day 100.  The last day of this challenge and the last day of 2015.  It’s had its ups (getting married, traveling to new places) and its downs (mental health issues, work stress), but it’s honestly still probably one of the best years I’ve ever had.  I have high hopes for 2016!


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