100 Happy Days, I’m so far behind it isn’t even funny

I left off with Day 36.  I don’t think I’ve missed any days, and it’s now Day 63.  But hey!  I’ve got plenty of time to update this tonight, because I’m making an abrupt switch from mornings to nights for the next couple of days before going back to mornings, so I need to make myself stay up late.  This should be interesting–I don’t get out of work until 11:45 pm tomorrow, and in my boring all-early-shifts life these last several months, I haven’t stayed up much later than 9:30 or 10 except when my insomnia kept me awake.  I certainly haven’t stayed awake on purpose.

Oh, and I start work at 11 pm on Thursday and work until 8 am Friday.  The last time I stayed up all night was in grad school and that was in the midst of a near mental breakdown, so I don’t want to go down that road again.

So, uh, 27 days of summarizing Instagram posts should help pass the time until I can finally go to bed.

Way back to Day 37: it was National Cat Day.  I’m fortunate to love and be loved by a number of cats: our cats, my in-laws’ cats, my father-in-law’s clinic cat, some of my father-in-law’s patients…but obviously the ones closest to my heart are these two.

On Day 38, I watched as our Lissy hugged a chair leg repeatedly in her quest to get at her catnip mouse, because I guess going around the chair leg never occurred to her.

A bright spot on Day 39 was this tree just a few feet from our balcony.  It also happens to be the tree Lissy was under the day she came up the stairs to live with us.

Day 40 was November 1st, and we got donuts at work to kind of kick off the holiday season (because Christmas starts the day after Halloween, if it even waits that long, in retail).  I think mine was left over from Halloween, because it was delightfully monstrous.

It rained the entire. damn. day. on Day 41.  Just before my usual bedtime, it tapered to a drizzle, and we were able to open all four windows in our apartment for a little fresh air.  Lissy took up her usual seat on the windowsill.

Day 42 marked four years since Dallas and I started dating and 101 days of marriage.  I thought it was neat it fell on Day 42 of this, what with 42 being the answer to life, the universe, and everything (really!).  Anyway, here’s a collage with some pictures of us.

I had Day 43 off work and it actually felt like fall does at home, which is a place with actual seasons, unlike Georgia.  I celebrated with a latte and a plaid shirt, as one does.

I showed up to work on Day 44 and found out from a coworker that our schedule had changed without any notice and suddenly we were staying 2 extra hours.  I was really tired when I finally got home that day, and felt like death warmed over.  Not only did this sweet girl let me take her picture, she let me have her spot on the couch afterwards.

…we also found out on Day 44 that my team was supposed to be at work at 6 am on Day 45, so I was hopped up on all kinds of caffeine that day, which made me feel even sicker, but I came home and got more pictures of Lissy.  When she’s a willing subject, the pictures turn out so much nicer.

My in-laws’ house is surrounded by azaleas in at least three different colors.  For some reason, these pink ones bloom late into November, though I’m sure the frost this morning probably killed them.  (I had to scrape the windshield before leaving for work this morning, which was SO FUN without gloves.)  I don’t know what they look like at this exact moment, but this is what they looked like on Day 46.

On Day 47, I gathered most of my LUSH stash for a group picture.  (I left body wash and conditioner in the shower and dusting powder on the bathroom counter, but the stuff I wasn’t using then was all on shelves in our walk-in closet, because there’s not enough storage space literally anywhere else in our apartment.)  I have a problem, but I’m not sorry.  I have a really strong sense of smell, and part of why I still feed my six or seven-year addiction to LUSH is that almost everything I’ve ever bought smells really good, and the scents stay faintly on my skin (I can smell them, but it’s not overwhelming) for hours.  And don’t even get me started on the perfumes they sell…they’re all incredible.

Day 48 was (surprise!) a picture of Miss Liss doing her nappin’ thing.  It’s too quiet for my phone to pick up, but she makes a weird but cute purring/snoring noise when she’s deeply asleep.

On Day 49, Lissy posed for me again.  I think she’s finally getting used to having her picture taken all the time.

I ordered an earring organizer off Etsy a while back, and on Day 50 I finally got it together and got most of my earrings on it.  Some won’t go on it (a pair of curved barbell earrings that are a slightly larger gauge than most earrings) and some were in bad enough shape (coating gone from the posts, bent posts, etc.) that I had to part with them, but everything else made it on there.  I don’t know if I need fewer earrings or more piercings.  I suspect my husband and most of my family would say fewer earrings.  (Side note: I had a cartilage piercing in college for a few months and my dad hated it.  When it got infected and closed up, I called him and told him, and he said “good”.)

Day 51 was a bad day, as many of my days have been lately (anxiety + holidays in retail + general uncertainty about the future = I don’t even want to get out of bed, let alone be a functional adult), but as usual, Lissy came through in a big way to help me with kisses and cheek rubs and purrs.  After I felt better, she wanted some time to herself.

On Day 52, I again featured Lissy, this time upside down under our coffee table and looking at me like “Mom. Go away.”

Day 53 was pretty rough for sports reasons, but we came home to this lady, who was then like “hey forget all about football and be my best friend”.  It worked.

On Day 54, we hung out at my in-laws’ house with them and all the resident critters, including this guy.  I have known a lot of dogs in my life and Bo is definitely among the best of them.  He did his best to keep my spirits up during that year Dallas was in Europe, even going so far as to shove his way into the bathroom when he heard me crying in the shower so he could offer me a paw to hold and nose kisses when I got out.  He can always tell when it’s been a bad day or week at work, too, and it doesn’t matter how recently he’s seen me, he acts like it’s been years and gets omg so excited every time I walk through the door.

Dallas gave me an early birthday present on Day 55.  Over the last four years, he’s seen (multiple times) how hard I am to live with when I don’t have caffeine, and he knows coffee is my preferred method of receiving caffeine.  And he also knows how much more caffeine intake I require on days I’ll be working, because a) I get tired more easily, b) I get stressed WAY more easily, and c) coffee helps me lessen my urge to punch stupid people in the throat.  So when he saw this, he knew it was perfect for me.  The beautiful thing is that, unless you get close enough to look down into the cup (I don’t suggest this), you don’t actually know how much coffee is in it.

I played with the color a little bit on my Day 56 picture.  The sky really was pink and purple, but one of the little quirks of shooting with a phone or a point-and-shoot camera is that a lot of the time the camera adjusts to the light in ways you don’t want it to, meaning some of the brighter/darker colors end up being muted or washed out.  Thank you, Mextures, for helping me fix it.

On Day 57, I got to snuggle with my oldest cat child after work.  He was very dopey and sleepy and oh-so-cuddly.  I love him and all of his little idiosyncrasies.  As time goes on, his tongue hangs out more and more–I don’t know if it’s because his stomatitis is worse now, or what it is; the tongue out usually seems to mean relaxed in his case.  Maybe he was just extremely relaxed in this picture?

I put up a Throwback Thursday post for Day 58.  When we were getting ready to leave London, we ended up having to take a later flight back to Atlanta than originally planned, which left us plenty of time to derp around in the airport.  We saw life-sized M&Ms in the duty-free shops and Dallas just had to get a picture with them because his mom loves M&Ms.  It’s still one of my favorite pictures from London, even though I saw a lot of cool places and took tons of pictures there.

On Day 59, I got a giant paycheck (sometimes all that work stress and the weird schedule changes pay off financially!) and decided to get myself a couple of things I’d wanted.  New makeup was one of them.  You can say what you want about e.l.f. being cheap, but it’s actually pretty good quality stuff–I stick with their eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, eyeliners, and lip products (every foundation of theirs I’ve ever tried unfortunately makes me break out, and I’m picky about my mascara) because I don’t need anything fancy, and a lot of the eyeshadows, especially, are really fun colors.  (I’m not too old to do “fun”, am I?)

I’ll admit I ate too many of these on Day 60.  Usually I don’t like milk chocolate very much, because it’s so sweet.  However, these were delicious.  The brownie filling in them was soft like the inside of a truffle, and just so good.  I couldn’t really taste the sea salt in them, but maybe it helped make it less sweet and that could be why I liked it.

Day 61 was good for a lot of reasons, not least of which was that my husband made a wonderful dinner of Italian herb chicken, fettuccine, and Alfredo for me and his parents.  The other great thing was that Lissy really warmed up to her “grandma” and actually played with her on the floor.  Last time Dallas’ parents came over, Lissy hung around Dallas’ dad and wanted to be his friend, but hissed every time Dallas’ mom looked at her.  There were a few hisses this time (probably because she could smell the cats and dogs more on his mom than on his dad) but she was much better behaved than before.

On Day 62, my other birthday gift to myself arrived.  I took a huge risk and bought a Fitbit Flex from a website that sells “open box” electronics–this Fitbit was half the cost of a new one, and I was a little wary, but it works properly.  The only thing that was missing was the large-sized wristband, but since the small fits me fine, I wasn’t worried.  It actually came with two charging cables, so I guess that’s cool, since it’s a specialized charger and you can’t just go buy a cheap off-brand one because they don’t exist.  (I wore it to work today and in a 6 hour shift, I walked almost 7 miles.)

Today was Day 63.  These fleece pants are almost too good to be true.  Soft, warm, comfortable…and they have very dapper penguins on them.  Can’t go wrong with penguins, right?!

Tomorrow is my birthday.  If you want to get stupidly specific, I will be *gasp* 28 years old at 6:37 am, and I’ve already warned my grandmother that my phone will be on do-not-disturb mode, so if she calls me at the exact minute of my birth, as she did for many years until I was well into college, she’s gonna get my voicemail.  I go into work at 4 and work until 11:45 doing pricing and general Gray Thursday/Black Friday prep.  It’s going to be hard to stay awake that late (I’m trying to stay up late tonight in hopes of sleeping in late enough tomorrow that I will have the energy to stay up that late tomorrow night and Thursday night, when I have an overnight shift), but I have coffee.  And more coffee.  And even more coffee.  If all else fails, I can run out to the drugstore and buy some No-Doz or something on my meal break.

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