100 More Happy Days, days 23-36

Yeah, so I’m bad at this blogging thing lately.  I’d say it’s because I’ve been busy, but that would be a lie.  Just very unmotivated, that’s all.

So, uh, back into it.

On Day 23, I took this selfie with a shortbread cookie at Panera Bread.  It was not pumpkin-flavored, just pumpkin-like.  I was so tired that everything was amusing, including covering half my face with a cookie, apparently.

…and I had cookies on the mind.  Day 24 was the big football game between Dallas’ high school and their crosstown rival, and people actually tailgate before high school football games in the South, so I contributed a little something.  Sugar cookies with the best Northside decor I could come up with at that moment (white baking chips mixed in and then decorated with blue sugar).  They must’ve been okay; they all got eaten.

We spent a good part of Day 25 at my in-laws’ house.  It’s always fun to go over there because their dogs always act like they haven’t seen me in months and they’re like “OMG WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH”.  Gabby was extra-clingy that day and stayed by my side, but of course I didn’t mind.  She’s great company.  What a pretty girl.

Day 26 was the first day I realized it actually was starting to look like fall at our apartment complex, so I was enjoying it by an open window with a certain tuxedo cat.  I don’t think she misses a thing that goes on in our neighborhood during the daytime.

On Day 27, it was significantly cooler outside, and that evening, I made a cup of this and wanted to let it cool for a minute, but I turned around and of course there was the Lissy-cat.  She has, at a couple of points in the last few weeks, helped herself to a taste of my morning coffee when my reflexes weren’t quick enough to rescue it from her, and not only do I not want to share this, it was going to burn her.  Obviously my concern didn’t reach far enough to keep me from taking a picture once I slid it away from her.

One of the most amusing things about cats is that they’ve all got interesting ways of arranging themselves for a rest.  Felicity typically goes down head-first and flops on her side, like she did on Day 28, and I caught her looking at me long enough to take a picture.

I got to spend some quality time with my cat son on Day 29.  He had a good time playing, snuggling, and hanging out in front of the dining room window.  Since Lissy lives with us and Dylan doesn’t, I get to see her a lot more, but he’s still my #1 baby.

Day 30 was a pretty awful day at work.  I’m always grateful for my amazing husband, but I was especially grateful when he did his best to turn my day around with these beauties.  We typically give each other practical gifts, and cut flowers are anything but practical, but they really did make my day.

After work on Day 31 (thankfully much, much better than Day 30), Miss Liss and I hung out in front of a different window to catch a nice fall breeze.  When Dallas and I moved into this apartment, we both thought the windows were a little weird–long, narrow, and low to the floor. We’ve learned the sills are the perfect width and height for Felicity to lounge on, so they don’t seem so weird anymore.

Lissy and I actually went outside on Day 32.  If one of us goes out to the balcony, she sits at the door and asks to come out.  I certainly wouldn’t let her out if whoever was outside couldn’t closely supervise her, but on Day 32, I could.  She hissed at some ducks on the lake and then stretched out to watch a bumblebee.

Dallas and I made a run to PetSmart (seriously, they’re getting all my money these days, at least everything that doesn’t go towards bills) on Day 33 for some more of the canned food Lissy likes, and we picked her up a couple of new toys.  She had pretty much chewed the felt eyes off her favorite catnip mouse, so we got another one, and also this purple mouse with gingham ears and tail.  She’s still a little wary (the texture is different from her other toys) but she has been playing with it a little bit.

On Day 34, I was in serious agony.  I have hypermobile joints (if you read that article far enough to get to the diagnostic criteria, I have a Beighton score of 7 and deal with arthragia throughout the year, but it’s nearly constant in the fall/winter when it starts raining), and was told as a kid that I’d eventually outgrow it.  Well, I’m almost 28 and am still waiting!  When the weather changes, I get stiffness, swelling, and pain in basically all of my joints, but my right knee and ankle are the worst due to old injuries.  Since moving to Georgia, I deal with this all damn winter, because it rains here instead of snowing.  At least in Michigan, once the snow started, I got a little bit of relief.  Anyway, my bad knee was terribly, terribly stiff on the night of Day 34, and so I popped a couple ibuprofen and got in bed with my ever-faithful heating pad.  Usually ice is better at night, but my knee wasn’t swollen, just extremely painful to bend.

Why yes, food was my Day 35 picture.  Did y’all know avocado is amazing on a turkey sandwich?  You do now.  Not pictured: my favorite gray cardigan and red and white striped fuzzy socks.  FALL.

Today is Day 36.  And I got a little (okay, a lot) sappy.  Just look at it so I’m not repeating myself.  (P.S.  That’s a shadow on my arm, not some kind of freaky farmer’s tan.)

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