100 More Happy Days, days 8-22 (?!)

Uhhhh, so I’ve gotten pretty far behind blogging these.  A lot has been going on–I’ve been sick, working, traveling, catching up with friends, and in general just trying to keep my head up and my feet going forward.  Nothing too bad, just busy and stressed.  So, basically, business as usual.

Day 8 was National Coffee Day.  It was also the first time I ever ground my own beans.  Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this already.  The little $15 personal-sized blender I bought at work has been worth its weight in gold–not only does it blend like a dream, it came with a grinding blade that’s perfect for grinding coffee.

I took a cat selfie on Day 9.  At least one of my cats likes to cuddle and be held.  I don’t care what anyone says–yeah, Dylan might be a little off, but my goodness, what he lacks in sense he more than makes up for in pure love.

On Day 10, I got a special delivery from Vancouver.  See, I’d ordered a bunch of stuff from LUSH a couple weeks earlier, and somebody forgot to slip my bottle of Dirty perfume into the box.  (The perfume was the main reason I got on their site!)  They sent it second-day air.  I didn’t realize it’s a dropper bottle rather than a spray now, but now that I’ve got the hang of not getting too much into the dropper, I much prefer it to the old spray bottles.  Dirty is so strong that you really have to be careful not to use too much, and I like having more control over the amount I put on (I almost never use my bottles of Lust and Karma because they’re spray bottles and inevitably I end up putting on too much–and Lust, especially, is a very strong-smelling perfume).

Day 11 was another cat portrait, this time of Miss Lissy in black and white.  She always looks a little grumpy (her face is shaped similarly to OC’s, including the flat nose and downturned mouth), but I think she was extra mad here.  Just look at those eyes.

Speaking of cats, I was hanging out with a certain Dylan-cat on Day 12 and he decided my lap was the perfect place to take a nap.  I had things to do, but he was way too cute to move.

I took a picture of one of the very few physical reminders I have of my childhood on Day 13.  My Meema insisted I take this pin and another with my name on it, along with a plastic Minnie Mouse necklace, one of the last few times we were at her house before we moved.  I also have a Fisher Price Lolly doll (my brother had the boy version, Cholly, and it’s probably still someplace at my dad’s house), but I think almost everything else–toys, clothing, that kind of thing–has gotten passed down or given away.  My mom might have my first snowsuit, but I can’t remember.  I guess I think more about these things the further I get away from my childhood and closer to a point where Dallas and I might be able to think about starting our own family.  I don’t know.  Adulthood is weird.

Felicity reappeared on Day 14.  She has this thing about tables and other surfaces that you wouldn’t think are comfortable, including our TV stand.  (She also likes to get on Dallas’ desk and knock things off, even when he’s sitting at it and can stop her.) Just over the past couple of days, she’s started to sleep in Dallas’ computer chair, but she’s still not terribly interested in our couch or bed.

We drove to Tallahassee on Day 15, and I felt like crap the entire day.  It did start out with a lot more promise.  It’s never too early in the morning for my sweet tooth to beg for delicious things, so I ended up with an apple crumble waffle at Waffle House.  OMG SO GOOD.

Thankfully I felt better on Day 16, and walked foreverrrr to get to RedEye Coffee for a nitro-brew coffee.  Basically it’s a cold-brew coffee on tap like beer.  It was expensive, and I usually prefer my coffee with a little sweetener, but it really hit the spot.  I also got to walk in some historic cemeteries, one of which had marked graves dating back to the 1840s.  I don’t get to do that often–it’s a hobby Dallas and I definitely don’t share.

Day 17: Lissy and her jellyfish, which is her absolute favorite toy.  I got her to sit still and look at me for just a moment and snapped this picture.  She was a little mad at us at first for leaving her with Grandma and Grandpa, but once we were all back home and her carrier was stowed in the front closet, out of her sight, everything was fine again.

On Day 18, we spent a good couple of hours socializing and catching up with one of my good friends from home as she and her husband and their two kids were passing through on their way to her husband’s new job in Orlando.  (Her baby seemed to like me, which was cool, I like babies.  Dallas did not want to hold him.)  It’s kind of crazy, but we’ve been friends for over 20 years and hadn’t seen each other in at least five or six, but since we’ve stayed in touch, it was just like picking up where we left off, plus husbands and kids.  Anyway, my photo was actually of light bulbs, and I wrote kind of a long thing about why.

At bedtime on Day 19, I finally got to get out this ugly, knobbly, extremely warm blanket.  I’ve had it since I moved into my apartment for grad school.  It was a very difficult time in my life (not because of the schoolwork, but because of everything else going on in my life) and I can’t remember how many times I curled up in this blanket, cried, and hoped I’d never wake up.  Now it’s useful for things like keeping warm when Dallas steals the comforter.

Surprise!  Day 20 is also Lissy.  Sometimes she’s still a little standoffish (today Dallas was gone way longer than he told her he would be, because hooray, the truck is costing us a pile of money again, and she hissed at him when he walked in the door and tried to pet her), but she’s becoming more and more affectionate all the time.  And she tolerates me taking pictures of her constantly.

After work on Day 21, we spent the afternoon at the Georgia National Fair.  Dallas and I split this funnel cake and it was amazing…I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  It was so sweet Dallas pushed the plate towards me and told me I could finish it if I wanted.  Now I’m convinced that adding Oreos to anything makes it better.  I really am not much of an Oreo (or any other kind of cookie) person, but this was incredible.

We went to visit my in-laws this afternoon, Day 22, after I got out of work.  At one point, my mother-in-law grabbed a branch that had come off one of the trees along the edge of the yard and started dragging it around because Boo and Dylan love to chase sticks.  I got a hilarious but blurry picture of Dylan, but really loved this picture of Boo.  It’s hard to believe he’s close to five years old, because sometimes he’s just a very large kitten.

Whew!  All caught up for now.  Tomorrow Auburn plays football at Kentucky, Friday night is the big local game (Northside, my husband’s high school, against Warner Robins), Saturday afternoon Central Michigan (my college and Dallas’ and my mutual grad school) has a home game that I really hope we win (we’re 2-4 overall right now, but two of those losses were super close and the other two were against way bigger programs).  So this will be a busy football weekend for us.


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