A pretty okay stretch of days

Dallas and I have just returned from Tallahassee, Florida–we took a short trip so he could attend an American Historical Association workshop on teaching and learning in the field of history, including curriculum design and helping students get the most out of their college history education.  While he sat in sessions all day, I explored the city on foot.

Yesterday I walked a total of almost 9 miles.  (In comparison, I walk about 3.5 miles on an average day at work, and on my most walking-heavy day while we were in London, I walked 11.5 miles.)  I probably would’ve done more and gone further, but I’m still kind of getting over being sick and exhausted.

What did I see?  Well, mostly cemeteries, specifically the Old City Cemetery and St. John’s Episcopal Cemetery, both of which date back to the early and mid 19th century.  Dallas is weirded out by my interest in old cemeteries, so what better time to walk through them?  It was very peaceful.  I also visited Cascades Park and the campuses of both Florida State University and Florida A&M University.  I think my favorite stretch of the city was the walk I took down Gaines Street, which is kind of funky and artsy.

Today I had to return a bunch of pairs of pants I’d bought online (because Old Navy doesn’t routinely carry petites, and I’m on the borderline between petite and average in their sizes, I ordered petites and that was the wrong thing to do).  I ended up buying some different pants in store.  My current job is a lot harder on my work pants than customer service was, so I figured it was time to supplement what I’ve got so I wouldn’t end up with a bunch of worn-through pants and nothing to wear to work.

We may go check out the fair at some point (it opened yesterday) and next Tuesday is my one-year anniversary at work.  It’s certainly been an interesting year.  Other than that, there’s not much going on around here.  I will eventually write another 100 More Happy Days post, buuuuuut…don’t feel like it right now.

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