More of this, please

It actually feels like fall outside, at least the kind of fall I got used to growing up in northern Michigan.  A lot of people have complained about how cold it is–but I love it.  Hot drinks, hoodies, hats and scarves, chilly breezes and cool mists, chunky sweaters, flannel, boots…it shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me that fall has always been my favorite season.

Up to this point, fall in Georgia has been slightly underwhelming at best.  A couple of cool days, some ugly brown leaves, a few hours of rain here and there.  (In contrast, winters here are awesome.  I love not having to shovel a foot of snow out from in front of the door just to leave the house.)  This is my third fall here and it may well be my last, depending on where Dallas finds a job after this.  So I’m perfectly happy that it’s like this and I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

Unfortunately, fall is making me a little homesick–I do miss the apple orchards and cider mills back home, but that can’t be helped.  I’m also dying for a good pasty and am thisclose to begging my dad to overnight me some with dry ice or something, but Dallas doesn’t eat them and is kind of grossed out by food touching and by most kinds of gravy.

So…keep it up, Georgia.  I can fight through the homesickness.  You’re not where I grew up, but you’re home for now, and I appreciate you trying to make me feel like I’m in just the right place.

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