Coffee > sleep

The last few days of my life have been like grad school all over again, minus writing my thesis.  Why?  No sleep, all coffee.  Only now I have a husband who keeps me sane and a cat who keeps me laughing.

I did not get a good night’s sleep these last couple of nights, thanks to our neighbors.  We share a wall with someone who loves to blast music until I start pounding on the shared wall (I give them until midnight, because I’m a kind and generous person).  It’s been disruptive to Dallas’ work too, but during the daytime, I guess they’re really not hurting anything, and Dallas just listens to his own music through headphones.  At night, it really bothers me because most mornings, I have to be at work by 7 am.  I’ve tried knocking on the door over there before, but nobody answers (probably because I’m not going to pound on the door and disturb the people across the breezeway).  I’m going to keep track of how many more nights this week I have to pound on the wall and then go to the office about it, but they still haven’t done anything about the pickup truck with expired tags that hasn’t moved in at least a month, even though the people who own it have been filling the bed with bags of garbage and it smells and is surrounded by flies.

We also had a really bizarre occurrence last night around 11, when a woman decided the street next to our apartment was a really great place to walk back and forth screaming into her phone.  Like, literally screaming at one point, and cussing into it at other points.  I got about three hours of sleep last night, so I took a travel mug of coffee to work (which I almost never do anymore) and ground some beans for fresh coffee after I got home.  I guess that was appropriate because it’s National Coffee Day.  Felicity was not impressed by the sound of the grinder.

I have held off on vacuuming since she came to us, as I’d just done it the day we took her in, but I really need to vacuum, especially since she kicks litter out of the box every time she uses it and it gets into the grout between the kitchen floor tiles, so the broom isn’t really doing its job.  She seems to be settling in pretty well here–she still acts like she’s afraid she’ll get in trouble if she gets on the couch or our bed, and she is not at all interested in the big fluffy throw we bought for her to sleep on if she wants it.  She also likes to relax in the windowsills because they’re just the right length for her to stretch out on, and our screens are very secure.  She’s still a little standoffish and has a habit of trying to put her face into my coffee if I leave it within her reach, but she is a wonderful cat.

When it’s nice out, she gets some closely-supervised balcony time–we live on the second floor and I don’t want her to get up on the railing and fall, nor do I want her to try to catch a bird or squirrel, as they occasionally end up on our balcony (if you’re outside with your pet and it gets a bird or other animal, that’s extremely irresponsible pet parenting and you should be supervising your pet more closely, but maybe that’s just me).  Today when we were out on the balcony, she saw a squirrel on the ground.  She looked at me and laid down on the floor at my feet, but didn’t try to go through or over the railing.  It was a relief because I really wasn’t sure what she might try to do.

Late next week I’m supposed to be going to Tallahassee with Dallas, but with the cat here now, I’m not really sure.  Dallas’ parents offered to have her come stay at the clinic (we learned on her last trip there that she doesn’t like dogs or other cats, so her going to the house isn’t an option), but I’m pretty sure she won’t eat up there (many cats don’t do well with that kind of change, and since she was a stray so recently, I worry that she’ll think we’re not coming back for her).  There’s nobody around here that we trust to come and check on her every day except my in-laws, and it would be highly inconvenient for them since they live on the other side of town and have to go in the opposite direction of here to go to work.  I’m going to have to send her to the clinic in January when Dallas defends his dissertation, because I want to be there and obviously she can’t go with us (she hates riding in the car anyway), but hopefully by then she’ll be secure enough in her place in our home that she’ll know we’re not dumping her off with Grandma and Grandpa permanently.  Soooo…as far as Tallahassee goes, he’s going by himself and Miss Liss and I will be hanging out here for a couple of days.  I already have the time off work and he’ll have our only vehicle.  We’ll miss him, but it’s always nice to have a little time to myself.  Being an introvert is kind of the worst.


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