100 More Happy Days, days 1-7

Remember this?  The people behind 100 Happy Days emailed me last week and pointed out there were 100 days left in 2015–perfect time to embark on a new 100 Happy Days!

I’m not sure I’ll make weekly posts this time around–work is going to pick up for me a lot in the next few weeks.  By Thanksgiving, I probably won’t remember how to spell my own name, let alone be able to write a blog post.

That said, here are the first seven days of this group of 100.

Day 1: this was the first full day Felicity was with us.  It was also notable as the day Dallas finished his dissertation draft!  After helping supervise the printing of his conclusion, Lissy stretched out on the living room floor with one of her crinkly catnip fish under one paw.

Day 2: fall is seriously my favorite season, and we don’t really have it in this part of Georgia.  This year, it has been chilly and rainy and in general more fall-like than it has the past two years.  Therefore, this pumpkin spice latte (made at home because Starbucks has an instant mix) was a wonderful treat on the morning of Day 2, which was the first day of fall.

Day 3: I felt like death.  Just really, really awful.  Most people who grew up in Michigan self-treated their stomachaches and nausea with Vernors, but other than finding two-liter bottles at the Kroger by Dallas’ parents’ house a couple of times, I haven’t been able to find it here.  Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is?  He’s listened to me complain about how crappy Canada Dry and the like are in comparison to Vernors, and he thought he’d try to get me something relatively local.  It’s not quite the same as Vernors, but it is really good.  Taste-wise, it’s very close.  Just a bit more of a bite and not so much carbonation.

Day 4: like I said, the weather has been cool and a bit rainy this week, making me happier than ever that Miss Lissy came into our lives.  Here she is hiding behind our blinds (she fits, but usually lets her tail hang out so we know where she is).

Day 5: we went to visit my in-laws, where our Dylan continues to live.  He’s used to being an indoor-outdoor cat and he would have hated being stuck in our apartment, plus his ongoing medical needs mean the best solution was for him to continue to live with Dr. Grandpa.  The sun was out, so of course he needed to go roll in the grass–after he rubbed all over our legs so his little sister would know we had spent the day with another cat!

Day 6: after a very loooooong work day (starting at 7 am, on just a few hours of sleep, ugh) and another afternoon/evening visiting the in-laws, I was about to crash, and I needed something sweet.  Dallas took me to Starbucks on the way home, even though he isn’t a coffee drinker (he got a rice krispie treat and organic peanut butter cups out of it) and I got the new Toasted Graham Latte.  Still not sure how I felt about it, because my tastebuds are jacked up from being sick, but it did keep me awake longer than I would have been otherwise.  Also, how cute are the fall Starbucks cups?!

Day 7: I had today off to go to the doctor, so after that, Dallas and I got a late lunch and did a little shopping.  We got a nice plush blanket for our cat to sleep on (she likes to sleep under his printer, which is in a corner with two exterior walls, so I wanted something warm for her to cuddle into), and I bought new eyeliner and a pack of gum.  I am not a terribly interesting person.

P.S. I am such a crazy cat mama that my babies now have Instagram hashtags.  You can find pictures of Dylan at #DylanBeanCat and pictures of Felicity at #FelicityTheTuxie.


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