Getting it together

Our marriage certificate finally arrived a week and a half ago, after Dallas had to call the Probate Court to find out where it was.  Turns out when we had our mail forwarded to our new address, the Postal Service thought it necessary to forward junk mail, credit card offers, and pleas from AT&T for me to switch back to their cell service (nope!), but not an envelope from the Probate Court.  Soooooo they sent it again.  And our marriage date was wrong on it, so Dallas had to call again.

Today we got the new copy of the certificate, with the correct date this time.  I still used the old one yesterday and today to change my name with the Social Security Administration and on my driver’s license, as well as on my bank accounts and with the HR department at work.  While I was changing my name at the Department of Driver Services yesterday, Dallas’ dad transferred the title for our truck into Dallas’ name (legally, before this, his dad owned it) and Dallas got a new license plate and registration in his name.  He wanted an Auburn plate but it was an extra $60, so he just got one of the regular ones–the old ones, not the new ones where the peaches look like pumpkins.  We’d already gone and gotten the truck insured in our names, so that’s done.

Dallas and I still need to shop for family insurance coverage (he’s currently on his parents’ plan and I have my own individual policy) and we’re planning on migrating our phone lines to the same account with Verizon.  Other than that, the biggest thing I need to work on is making my signature fit on all the tiny little lines I’ll have to write it on.  Yesterday I ran out of space on the form I had to sign to change my name on my driver’s license, and I had to sign in super, super tiny writing on the form to get my Social Security card reissued in my new name.  Part of the problem is that I’ve spent all these years signing my maiden name, which is now my middle name, and it’s four letters shorter than my new married name, so I had the tendency to write all huge and flourish-y.

I also need to remember that now, as far as the county, the state, and the federal government are concerned, my last name is Michelbacher, not Barrett, so I need to stop writing “Michelle Barrett” on things.  Maybe I just need to sit down and write my new name a hundred times on notebook paper so I develop the muscle memory to write the correct name where I’m supposed to.

Tomorrow I work early, get out in time for lunch, and then have all of Labor Day weekend off!  In fact, I don’t even go back to work until 11 on Wednesday morning.  Sometimes this “having a sort-of grown-up job” thing is kind of okay.  I’m trying to enjoy the hell out of all these weekends off now, because starting around Halloween, Dallas and I won’t see much of each other for a couple months.  Such is the retail life.


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