Yesterday was my last day of work before the wedding.  The last couple of days at work were incredible–so many congratulations, hugs, and high-fives from my coworkers.  My coworkers on the replenishment team got together and gave us a beautiful frame to use for one of our wedding pictures.  I am so lucky to be able to work with such a wonderful group of people.  Sometimes the job is stressful, but I have no complaints about my rockstar coworkers.

Today we’re running some final small errands, like buying gifts for some family members.  I’m also finishing up with the birdseed heart favors, and we’re packing for our wedding and honeymoon.  In addition, it’s my husband-to-be’s birthday today, so I’m glad we get to spend the day together.  I think we’re going out to dinner with his parents later, and then they’re coming to our apartment.  They haven’t seen it since we got our couch and TV, so I hope they’ll like the way it looks now.

I hope I don’t jinx it, but the weather for Saturday looks amazing.  It’s supposed to be in the upper 80s with a very small chance of rain and a decent breeze.  It’ll be what my family would consider hot, but not as hot as it’s been here.  Speaking of my family, I believe the Michigan contingent would have left early this morning.  In other words, OMG THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.

All of this is so exciting, but my anxiety is right there behind it.  Dallas is doing everything he can to help keep it under control, and it really is helping.  Here’s hoping our wedding goes off without a hitch and we can just enjoy the weekend…because I’ll be back at work Tuesday morning at 7.

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