T minus 8 days

It’s official–basically everything is done for our wedding.

Caterer has final head count and is all paid up.  We’re meeting our officiant and photographer just before the ceremony to verify that everything is okay and we’re ready to go.  Today after I finally (long story just ahead) got out of work, we drove to Perry for our marriage license.  We were going to get it in Savannah the day before the wedding but decided that we don’t want to leave anything that important until the last minute because who knows what could happen that afternoon.  (Cheesy selfie with our license here, because of course we did.  And yes, my glasses are crooked–runaway carts loaded down with merchandise hitting one in the face will do that sometimes.)  We need to buy a few things between now and the wedding and I’m going to (hopefully) be spending tomorrow making birdseed favors, but all the really big stuff is done and/or paid for.

So yeah, work.  The long story.  Somehow my boss magically came up with two extra hours for me and one of my coworkers today, so instead of getting out at 10, I worked until noon.  I felt like crap, but when hours are as scarce as they’ve been and my resume and multiple job applications aren’t getting so much as a nibble, I wasn’t going to turn them down.  I was also told that they found enough hours for me to work from 7-1 on Tuesday instead of 7-10 which means I can actually get things done in replenishment.  Just after 10, our HR lady/customer service scheduler asked me if I could possibly pick up another shift next week, and I said sure, as long as it wasn’t Friday or Saturday.  So now instead of having this whole weekend off, I’ll be working this Sunday from 11:45 to 4 in customer service.  It’s not ideal, but considering that just by going into work today, I picked up 2 extra hours for this week and a total of 7 hours, 15 minutes for next week, I’ll take it.  I was originally only scheduled for 12 hours next week, and while Dallas and I could theoretically get by on his fellowship stipend and some lean weeks of pay from my job, continually not getting many hours is going to cut into our savings a lot, and just stress us both out more than we need to be.

After we got home from Perry (with a stop in Fort Valley for lunch and to go visit Dallas’ parents–well, mostly their animals–at work) I took the most glorious nap for about an hour and a half.  Got up and realized that for the second time in three days our apartment didn’t have running water, and we weren’t notified either time that it was getting shut off.  So I’ll be making a trip to the leasing office on Monday to ask them why exactly they can’t be bothered to let people know they won’t have water when it’s in the 90s outside.  Since it’s happened twice in such a short period of time, I’m guessing they’re trying to do some kind of repair and it’s not an emergency situation, but I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to give people some kind of heads-up that they’re not going to have running water when it’s not an emergency.  It’s back on now, though, so I may finally soak in our bathtub instead of just taking a five-minute shower.

I’m still feeling exhausted all the time, but I think it’s the anxiety over everything going on around here, being stressed out about work and finances, and my lifelong insomnia (which I know I’m not helping by consuming a lot of caffeine in the daytime just to make it through).  Dallas and I are both a little sniffly, but he’s got allergies and I have recurring sinus problems, so here’s hoping neither of us is actually getting sick.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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