Three more weeks

Time is just flying by!

This was taken about a week after we started dating.  LOOK AT THOSE BABY FACES, AWWW.

This was taken about a week after we started dating. JUST LOOK AT THOSE BABY FACES, AWWW.

It’s crazy that Dallas and I will finally be married three weeks from today.  Neither of us really started counting down until we had made the preliminary arrangements last fall, but it’s been incredible to watch the number of remaining days grow smaller and smaller.  I’ve been at work a lot lately, and the team and I have been trying to do more and more with less time (and fewer people–one of my coworkers lost a family member a couple of days ago, so there were only three of us to put SO MUCH FREIGHT on the sales floor yesterday).  Good thing I like a challenge…but I come home from work exhausted every day because I’m really pushing myself physically and mentally at the store.  I hope we can get more hours soon–I’m not going to take it easy, by any stretch of the imagination, but I could get so much more accomplished.

Most of what we still have to do for the wedding is financial: we need to pay the remainder of what we owe to our officiant, the photographer, and the caterer.  We also need to get our marriage license, which we’ll do in Savannah the day before the wedding.  Other than that?  We’ll have to pick up our wedding cupcakes from Wilson’s on our way out of Warner Robins.  And I guess we’ll both need a haircut sometime in the next couple of weeks.

To the best of my knowledge, we’ll have about 25 guests at our wedding.  It’ll be small and simple, just like we wanted it.  Having attended some really big weddings in my time, I’m glad ours won’t be one of them.  I’m not knocking the people who had one or want to have one, but for us, it’s not necessary.  Our families are spread out all over the eastern half of the United States and our friends are all over the world.  I already have enough debt, mostly from putting myself through graduate school, so we weren’t going to do something big and fancy, even if we had wanted it.

I’m pretty proud that we’ve managed to put together a plan for a fun and casual wedding day and it’ll have cost us less than $1500, including invitations, decorations, and (silk) flowers.  Since we’ve mostly paid for it ourselves, it’s even more reason to be proud we’ve stayed within our means.  (My future mother-in-law insisted on paying for the use of the pavilion where we’re holding the dinner before the ceremony, but we’ve paid for everything else.)  My dress, shoes, and hair accessories cost less than $60 all together, and I can wear it all again.  I’m wearing jewelry I already owned.  Dallas got new shoes, shorts, and a shirt for our wedding, and I think he probably spent about the same amount.  It’ll be nice to start our marriage without bills from an expensive wedding hanging over our heads.  Goodness knows we’ll have enough other bills to worry about.

I’m a little nervous about our wedding day.  Not about getting married, because I have never second-guessed that decision, but about the possibility things could go wrong.  My anxiety gets out of control when carefully-planned days fall apart, and I know this would be no exception.  Fingers crossed for reasonable temperatures at the dinner (at least that’ll be in a covered pavilion), as well as a nice breeze and no rain at the ceremony.


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