It’s good to be home

The rest of our trip to DC was fun, but I am so happy to be done traveling for a little while.

If I’d gotten my lazy bum up and moving a bit earlier on Friday, I could have been at the Supreme Court when the marriage equality decision was announced.  Instead, I was at the Metro stop near our hotel, waiting for the train, so I found out on Facebook.  I guess the chocolate-filled croissant and caramel latte I had for breakfast before heading to the Metro were worth the late start, but it still would have been neat to be there.  A group of college kids with equality flags and Human Rights Campaign signs asked me to take their picture on a staircase at one of the Metro stops, so that was pretty cool.

So yes, we’re back home.  We have a real mattress now and will hopefully be getting a couch in the next few days.  Tomorrow we’re finally getting the internet hooked up (I’m blogging from my in-laws’ house, where we came for lunch after I got out of work earlier, and we still haven’t left) and might go look at getting a TV.  We’re not bothering with cable, but we’ve got a Netflix subscription and an Amazon Prime account, so I’m sure we’ll have something to watch when we feel like it.

My work schedule is all over the place these next couple of weeks, but as long as I remember what time I have to be there on what day, everything will be fine.  Most days it’s pretty early.  I was supposed to work yesterday morning, even though we didn’t get back from Atlanta until 12:30 in the morning, and I was literally on my way out the door when my boss called to basically say “lol idk why you’re scheduled today, we don’t actually need you”.  I was okay with that, though the money would’ve been nice–I was just soooooo tired.

Another good thing about my new position (is it new when I’ve been working in it for all this time?) is that I’ve actually got some weekend days off–the next two Saturdays, in fact, even though this coming Saturday is the fourth of July.  It may not be a Monday through Friday gig with set hours and paid vacations, but between the reduced stress in this position and the increased dose of my antidepressant, I actually feel like a stable, functional adult for the first time in my life.  It’s amazing.


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