I could sleep a little more

Yesterday Dallas’ cousin, Mary Alice, got married, and we were both in the wedding.  Today we’re recuperating.

We went over there on Friday afternoon/evening for the rehearsal.  The wedding party was massive: I think eleven bridesmaids, eleven groomsmen, a couple of junior bridesmaids, two flower girls, a junior groomsman, and a ring bearer.  (Some of the little ones didn’t end up participating after all.  I imagine if you’re two and a half feet tall, all of the “big people” would be a little overwhelming.  I ate my first low country boil afterwards (yay rehearsal dinner!)

Saturday was a bit stressful for everyone–running back and forth between several different places, moving things around, not being able to find things, getting hair and makeup done–but the ceremony was beautiful and so was the reception.  It was about a zillion degrees (okay, maybe 95, with a heat index of just over 100) and I know the guys were sweating in their tuxes.  Our long dresses didn’t exactly keep us ladies cool, either.  We only stayed a little while at the reception because we needed to start driving home, but a lot of people who knew Dallas as a child and hadn’t seen him in fifteen years came up to talk to him.

I feel so exhausted, even after going right to sleep when we got home last night and sleeping until almost 10 this morning.  Our big move is tomorrow, and we’re planning to be at the leasing office right when they open to sign whatever we need to sign and get our keys.  I have to work at 1, so hopefully Dallas and I can get a lot of the furniture moved, especially everything that really needs two people to carry it, before I have to go in.  I also have to talk to my bosses about being scheduled to work five of the six days I’m supposed to be in Washington with Dallas next week…they’ve had a note with those dates on file saying I can’t work then since February, so hopefully I can actually get them off.  If I’m here and he’s in DC, I have no way to get to work because he’ll have to take the truck to Atlanta to catch his flight, plus we already bought my plane ticket (pretty sure it’s not refundable, either), and by not using it, we’d be losing more money than I could possibly make on those days.

All in all, a pretty good weekend.  This week will be a little stressful with moving and trying to get that time off after all to go with Dallas, but hopefully things will slow down a little through the rest of June and into July.


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