Adventures in adulthood

Since we’re moving this coming Monday, Dallas and I made plans last week to drive up to Atlanta to visit the IKEA store and buy some furniture.  I worked a very short, very early shift this morning, and we were planning to leave right after I got out of work…but it didn’t work out that way, of course.

We found out yesterday that the battery in Dallas’ truck was in need of replacement–it’s original to his truck, which is ten years old.  Granted, he’s put at least half the total mileage on it in the last three years, and it’s still extremely low-mileage for its age, but the battery was only holding about half its original capacity when it was tested, so with all the driving we’ll be doing the next couple of weeks, his parents thought it would be best to have it replaced immediately.  This morning he went to get it replaced, and it took longer than we thought it would, so we did a little shopping in the meantime and had a nice relaxed lunch together.  This meant we didn’t leave for Atlanta until, oh, about three hours after we planned to, but everything turned out fine.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to IKEA, and I’d forgotten how much I love walking around and looking at all the model kitchens and bedrooms.  I think Dallas got a kick out of it too.  We explored the showroom for quite a while and Dallas had to test pretty much every couch–I think he liked the self-closing drawers in the kitchen models as well, but it’ll be a while before we’re looking to put together our own new kitchen, if we ever do.

We ended up with a bed, dresser, nightstand, coffee table, and end table.  There was a few minutes of panic when we tried to fit the long, skinny boxes with our bed slats in them into the truck, and it turned out they were too big.  We ended up putting the front passenger seat down as far as it could go and putting the boxes up there.  I sat in the backseat on the way home, of course, since my seat was taken.  We had to drive through a pretty fierce rainstorm on the south side of the city, but made it home in one piece.  The good news is that increasing the dosage of my citalopram is definitely helping, because instead of panicking about the traffic and the way people drive in Atlanta, I was just mildly concerned that someone might hit us.  I’m not saying it makes me not care, but it makes me a lot less anxious.

In addition to our IKEA haul, we’ve got Dallas’ desk and chair and our kitchen table and chairs.  We also bought a toaster oven, shower curtain, and new towels this past weekend.  Since we have a full-sized bed here and both lived in places with full-sized beds before this, we have lots of sheets and blankets, though we may buy a new bedspread when we move (thanks to our cats, especially the Orange Cat, there are a lot of little cat-claw pull marks in the bedspread we bought a few months ago).  Since we both lived alone when we met, we have all kinds of dishes and kitchen things, though a couple of the things I’d really like to have for the new place are in my dad’s basement in Michigan, where they’re not doing us a whole lot of good.

We’re still waiting on the bookshelf and TV stand we ordered from Target.  The only major things we have left to buy are a mattress and a TV, and we may just wait a while for the TV.  We’ll basically just be using it for Dallas’ video games and for Netflix, and we’ll both want to let our bank accounts recover a little bit from buying the essential stuff for the apartment.

I was going to pay for all the furniture today, but Dallas’ mom added him to one of her credit cards years ago as an authorized user, and she told him to use that card at IKEA.  She wasn’t thrilled with the idea of us moving out at first, but she has come around to it more and more lately, because I think she realizes Dallas will be happier (I honestly don’t mind living here because I get along with both of his parents really well, but she had to admit I had a point when I said it would be weird for us to still be living here after we got married).  I only wish she could’ve come shopping with us.  I think she would have had a good time (well, other than the fact that there wouldn’t have been room for three people in the truck coming home).

I’m working tomorrow afternoon, and thankfully, it seemed this morning that the air conditioning at work might have finally gotten fixed.  Tomorrow will be my seventh day at work in a row, and also the last day before I have the whole weekend off.  On Friday, we’ll be driving to the east side of the state for Dallas’ cousin’s wedding (rehearsal that night, wedding itself Saturday night).  On Sunday we’ll recuperate and on Monday we’ll start moving before I have to go to work that afternoon/evening.  The goal is to at least have most of our stuff in the apartment someplace by Wednesday, which is my next day off after the weekend–we can figure out then where to put it all.

I haven’t started packing for either Dallas’ cousin’s wedding or for our move, which I guess means I can’t say anything the next time I want to harp on Dallas for putting off packing before he has to go someplace.  Oops.

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