hurry uppppppppp

Moving: 10 days.

Our wedding: 50 days.

On one hand, it feels like it’s sneaking up on us–but day-to-day, it feels like the hours are passing so very slowly.  Today at work I was getting a lot done, but kept looking at my watch and thinking “is it time to go home yet?”

Today we got our first piece of new furniture for the apartment, Dallas’ desk.  We had to order a bunch of what we wanted from Target online, so that should come in piece by piece next week.  We’re making our trip to Atlanta on Wednesday to go to IKEA.  This weekend we have a big sale at work and I think we may pick up a few kitchen and bathroom things then.  The last big thing we’ll be buying for the time being is a mattress and box spring, but that’ll have to wait until we’ve actually got our keys because there’s nowhere in this house to store it until we can move.

The big concern right now as far as our move is timing–I have to be at work at 1 pm on moving day, and by the time I get out of work, it’ll be too late in the evening to aggravate our new neighbors with the sounds of furniture assembly.  And Dallas is good at a lot of things, but as I discovered a couple years ago, putting furniture together isn’t exactly one of them.  I’m hoping he can at least handle his desk and maybe the kitchen table and chairs while I’m at work that day.  I wouldn’t want him to try to assemble the bed and wrangle the mattress and box spring without help, and I really don’t think we’ll have time to do all of that before I have to be at work.  Then, the next morning, I have to be in at 7 am, but the good news is I’ll be out early enough to get a lot done after work without disturbing the neighbors.  I’m off the day after that, and his parents have that afternoon off, so maybe they’ll come by.

I’m very hopeful we’ll be pretty much moved in and unpacked by the end of that week because things will be even busier for us after that, but we’ll see.  We’ll be working around my work schedule and Dallas’ ability to get things done by himself.  My schedule is all over the place that week, but I’m okay with that–originally I was only scheduled to work 15 hours, and now I have 30.  We’ll be borrowing his mom’s SUV to go get our mattress because Dallas’ truck probably won’t hold it, especially with the cover over the bed.

Hopefully the next week passes quickly–I’m working every day until next Friday, when Dallas and I will be heading across the state for his cousin’s wedding.  I’m working in support most of those days (yay!) but am in customer service tomorrow night (ugh), which means I may not leave the building until 10 pm or later, which sucks since I’m scheduled to go back in at 7 on Sunday morning.  I am hoping that the higher dose of citalopram I’ve just started taking will have a positive effect on Saturday night’s shift, because the medication has been in my system for months and I’m just taking more of it now, but we’ll see.  I did well on Wednesday night, but Saturday is always busier.

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