Way too excited!

Today after work I got a very important phone call.

We got the apartment we applied for!  The only thing is that it actually won’t end up being available for move-in until the 15th–but that isn’t a problem because it’ll give us more time to get things coordinated.  We’ll go up to Atlanta next week on a day I get out of work at 10 am to make our IKEA run, and do our local shopping as we have time (Target and the mattress shop, mostly).

I was supposed to have tomorrow off, but I picked up a six-hour shift, so that means the only day I have off between now and the 12th is Thursday, which I had requested off to go to the doctor.  But every little bit helps, between moving expenses and all the unpaid time I’ll have to take off in the next couple months (Mary Alice and Tyler’s wedding, our trip to DC for Dallas’ fellowship workshop, our wedding), so I’m trying to be cheerful.  I can always take naps, and hey, I just bought a new twelve-pack of Red Bull.

Today after we talked to the apartment property manager, we went to Michael’s to get a few things for our wedding–a couple of decorative items and this, to serve as the guestbook.  We thought it was appropriate.  After the wedding, we’ll frame it and hang it in our apartment. (Since we know now that we got it!)

54 days to go!


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