We’re under 2 months, people!

Besides being Memorial Day, this past Monday was a very important date indeed: it was my Pops’ birthday, my half-birthday, aaaaaaand…exactly two months before our wedding!

(When I called to wish Pops a happy birthday, he jokingly asked if the wedding was still on.  Oh, Pops.)

I’ve been working a ton lately and it feels like my citalopram isn’t helping much.  Thankfully I get to go back to the doctor next week and (fingers crossed) maybe I’ll finally get to try a higher dosage.  On Saturday night at work I broke out in full-body hives after starting to have some panic attack symptoms and I really think the two are related.  I’m leaving for work in a few minutes to go do merchandise replenishment, and I really hope it’s not like the last time I did that particular task…that was the night I ended up staying until close.

I hope I don’t jinx myself (again) by sharing it here, but HOLY CRAP I HAVE THIS WHOLE WEEKEND OFF AND WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MYSELF.  The last time I was scheduled to have a whole weekend off, I ended up having an early Sunday shift added.  Oops.  If it’s nice, maybe Dallas and I can finally go birding.  We also need to get decorations for our wedding lunch site and maybe work on our favors.  (These, because duh, birds.)

The only thing that could possibly improve life right now (other than hitting the sweet spot with my anxiety medication dosage) would be if we’d hear back about one of the apartment complexes we’re trying to get into.  It’s a long story I’m not quite ready to share here, but we looked at one and it didn’t work out, and we don’t have a ton of options that a) we can easily afford and b) aren’t in the crappy parts of Warner Robins, so hopefully one of the leasing managers we’ve contacted will get back to us with some good news soon.  Given that everybody does weird leases (13 or 14 months, really?!), we’d like to move before the wedding because who knows where we’ll be next August, since Dallas will have his PhD and maybe a teaching job in some other part of the country.  It would be ideal to not have to pay rent on two places simultaneously for several months.


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