Everything is awesome

Yesterday I worked from 10 am to 9:30 pm.  A whopping five of my coworkers called out of work between the morning and evening shifts.  (My supervisor in store support described it as “another glorious day in the empire”.)  I was supposed to be doing merchandise replenishment-related tasks, and ended up doing…well…a little of everything.  I worked in the shoe department, helped a woman pick out a coffee maker, rang up customers in my old department for the last three hours of my shift, did some pricing work, and worked on tidying the store at the end of the night because a representative from district management was going to come to the store today.  I hope it passed muster.

Needless to say I’m feeling very fortunate to have today off.  There’s no better full-body workout than pushing and pulling heavy carts full of merchandise across the store, especially when said carts don’t steer well and are overloaded because oh god where did all this merchandise come from and where will we put it?  So Dallas went to the gym by himself this morning and I’m going to call this a rest day.

My anxiety, surprisingly, didn’t flare up any worse than usual yesterday at work.  I really thought it would.  I didn’t feel uncertain or unprepared.  It was a nice feeling.  I was even still somewhat energetic at the end of the night, which was unexpected.  It hit me hard once I got home, though–so I finally got a decent night’s sleep.

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