So, so tired

I’ve survived my six-days-straight-at-work thing, though not without some problems.

For some reason, I’ve woken up about three hours before my alarm was supposed to go off each of the last four mornings, which made for some interesting days at work.  I’m going to blame my Wellbutrin for that.  I’ve also got a pinched nerve in my neck or something, and my range of neck motion is nearly nonexistent.  It’s just a little painful.  The last time my hands were this dry and torn up was when I worked at Hallmark.  When I worked there, I was handling hundreds of greeting cards and envelopes every day.  Here I’m putting up and taking down a lot of little paper and cardboard signs.  I’ve got to find some better hand lotion because obviously what I’ve got is not doing enough.

On the upside, when I’m in my support staff position, I’m pretty much getting paid to work out.  Bending, stretching, lifting things, moving things from place to place, pushing large heavy carts–not so bad.  And like I’ve said here before, there is something peaceful about working in the store before the customers start coming in for the day.  My anxiety has not been nearly as bad lately and I have felt a lot less depressed, though I don’t know if it’s because my support job isn’t quite as stressful as my customer service position or if the change in my medication is really starting to help (I mean, other than the not sleeping thing).  I’ve felt ridiculously motivated and cheerful lately.  We’ll see if it lasts, because I’m working at the customer service desk Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

A coworker told me that management had interviewed another group of applicants, so here’s hoping I get a few new coworkers soon.  There’s been a lot of turnover at the store lately so we’re waaaaaay understaffed and everybody is definitely feeling the pressure.

Our wedding is in 89 days and we’re going to mail the invitations by Friday.  We’re about halfway through our guest list, which is not too bad considering we’re hand-addressing all the invitations and response card envelopes.  We’ve also filled out our marriage license application, even though we’re not going to actually get our marriage license until the day before our wedding (we’re most likely not going to be able to get over to Savannah before then, since it’s increasingly rare that I get more than one day off at a time).  Sure, we could get it here in Houston County and then not worry about it, but it’s something like $20 cheaper to get it in Chatham County.

It’s funny to look at the bottom part of the application, which asks for the bride and groom’s parents’ birthplaces–our parents were born in four different states, and our respective sets of parents were born basically on opposite sides of the country from one another.  Dallas’ dad was born in New York and his mom was born here in Georgia, while my dad was born in Michigan and my mom in Florida.  I guess you could say we’re a well-traveled bunch.  We met in my home state and are getting married in his, and who knows where we’ll be by the time we start our family.  It’s a big difference from even a couple of generations ago: Dallas’ ancestors had been in Georgia and New Hampshire since before the Revolutionary War and in New York since 1860.  All of my grandparents were born in Michigan, my great-grandparents were born in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, and actually, if you go back four or five generations from me in my mom’s family, you’d start finding people who were born in parts of Canada on the border with Michigan–basically they crossed the border, didn’t go very far, and decided they liked it enough to stay right there.  We modern Americans are just a lot more mobile, I guess.

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