Becoming a morning person

Back in the dark ages of dial-up internet and living in a house with four other people and just one bathroom, I had to be a “morning person”–if I wanted to check my email and get in the shower while there was still hot water and get out the door to go to school on time, I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning.  I don’t care who you are, that is really early.

To some extent, I get to relive those days in the next couple of weeks, thanks to my job.

Today I work a closing shift, meaning I’ll probably get home a little before 10.  Tomorrow I have to go back in at 7.  Same thing with Friday.  And Sunday.  (On Saturday I don’t have to be there until 9:45, which will surely feel like sleeping in!)

On Monday and Wednesday, my work day will start at 6 am.  Wednesday will be rough–I essentially work a split shift that day, but only have 45 minutes off between my shifts, so there’s no point in going home.  Sooooooo I guess I’ll be at work from 6 am to 4 pm, basically (because if I’m supposed to get out at 3:45, I never get out at 3:45).

I tend to be a fairly early riser, but if I don’t have something I specifically need to be doing, I also have the tendency to fall asleep on the couch a couple hours later.  One nice thing about most of these early shifts is that they’re fairly short–five or six hours at most–so I’ll still have most of the day to get other things done.  In addition, I’ll be there hours before the store opens.  We’re allowed to wear headphones when there aren’t customers in the store, and a good playlist definitely makes those hours fly by.

As far as actually getting up and moving, my coffee maker will surely be my best friend these next few weeks.  Once somebody is finally hired and trained as my replacement in my original position, hopefully all (or almost all) of my shifts will start in the early mornings and I can just get used to being up early.  This close one night, open the next morning, close the next night thing is difficult to adjust to, and lately, as I’ve been working more, it’s been harder and harder to schedule things like doctor’s appointments.

As for planning anything in advance, forget about it–I’m lucky to get a schedule a week in advance.  I may well have to request a day off to go get my bridesmaid dress for Mary Alice’s wedding altered, because I can’t make an alterations appointment and cross my fingers that I won’t be scheduled to work.  I’ve also wanted to go and get my hair permed for something like three or four months, but I can’t exactly make an appointment if I don’t know my schedule.  Lately all of my days off have been days that my hairdresser either doesn’t work or is super, super busy with other clients’ long-standing appointments (the little old ladies who go get their hair set every Friday, etc.) so I’ll just keep waiting…all I’ve had time for since back before Christmas is a quick trim to keep the split ends and uneven growth under control.

Perhaps someday I will have a regular 9-5 job.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my job for the most part, but these rotating shifts are rough.  I’m thankful Dallas is currently working from home and has a very flexible schedule, because otherwise we wouldn’t see each other much.

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