It’s been quite a week.

My sister called me Tuesday night as I was getting ready for bed.   She was nearly hysterical and I could barely understand her through her tears.  Eventually she told me that our mother was in the hospital and she really didn’t know anything beyond that.  I calmed her down, she called our brother.  He and his girlfriend immediately got in the car and drove down from Sault Ste. Marie, on the Canadian border, where they live and go to school.  They sat in the waiting room all night, talked to my mom Wednesday morning, and waited until the doctors saw fit to release her before they turned around and went home.

I’m not going to write in detail about what’s going on, because my mom reads this blog occasionally (hi, Mom) and I don’t want her getting mad at me.  She is home now, she says she is doing better, and I am sitting here in Georgia feeling absolutely helpless.  She’s upset with my sister for calling me and Mike, and I’d assume upset with Mike for calling her mom and stepdad, and me for calling her dad and stepmom, but everybody did need to know she was in the hospital.  I imagine she would have expected Dallas to call her if I was in the hospital.  It works both ways.

Right now, I’m thankful I had Wednesday off to wait for information and be in contact with my family.  My butt is still dragging, two days later, but I don’t go in to work until 5 tonight, so hopefully I can perk up this afternoon.

Dallas and I have been discussing the possibility of a move back to Michigan after we get married.  It had been a topic of idle discussion at various points in the past year–he is happier down here, but his mom and I both feel like he might be better off with a stricter schedule and the ability to associate with other scholars, something he doesn’t really have down here.  He would still be on fellowship, not teaching, but he’d be around other people studying history and have access to the university’s library, which will obviously be way more useful than the county library he’s currently using as needed.  In theory, since the company I work for has a store right there near campus in Mount Pleasant, I could try to transfer.

Dallas would hate Michigan winters all over again, but we would be closer to my family.  I’m not sure I’m ready to be so far from his, but there’s really not any way to be close to everyone when they live a thousand miles apart.  We already know we’ll have to move wherever he can find a job once he’s got his PhD, but I’m still not sure either of us is ready for that.

Ready or not, we may have to make that decision soon.


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