I have a lot to do this morning so of course I’m blogging instead

It feels like I don’t have a lot of time anymore.  My time is consumed by working, working out, eating and sleeping.  Oh, and blogging, I guess.  I find myself here a lot, even as I’m thinking “okay, how am I going to get everything done today?”.  It’s a bad habit.

I went through training for my new position yesterday (my official title is “support specialist”) and it was crazy how fast the day went by.  It felt like I’d only been there for an hour or two by the time I left, but I’d been there for six hours.  I have the sinking feeling that going back to my customer service position this evening is going to feel like Cinderella’s dress changing back into rags at midnight.  It’s not that I don’t like working with people–I definitely do–it’s just that certain types of interaction with people, like them getting in my face and yelling at me for things that aren’t my fault, send my anxiety up to extreme levels.

I do very well when I have a to-do list and the space, time, and tools to accomplish it.  There is something incredibly peaceful about being in the store when it’s calm and quiet, though yesterday I really wish I’d brought headphones (as long as the store is closed, support staff can listen to their own music, which will definitely help keep me moving out on the floor).  I’m not sure I’d want to be doing support/pricing every day, but I do wish I could do it more often.  I won’t be doing that particular job again until next Wednesday, but I’m already looking forward to it–hopefully I won’t forget all of my training before then.  Since this is something I’m doing in addition to my customer service duties, I’m getting more hours at work, which is great considering all the time I’m going to be off in June and July for Mary Alice and Tyler’s wedding, Dallas’ fellowship conference, and our wedding.

We haven’t hit the gym lately due to my work schedule and a number of aches and pains Dallas and I are both feeling (I hurt my hip last week and his back is bothering him), but hopefully we can get back into the habit again soon.  I did 30 squats and 50 sit-ups this morning and my abs are screaming, but I had to do something.  My arms look pretty good because I’m constantly lifting things at work, but I’ve also been lifting weights at the gym.  Thanks to the squats and other leg exercises, my thighs are smaller than they’ve been since I hit puberty (okay…since puberty hit me like a truck and a ton of bricks at the same time), so I guess that’s pretty neat.  I’ve upped my protein intake; I just wish I could get myself to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (it’s really hard to take anything like that to work and if I’m getting home at 10 or 11 at night I honestly just want to eat something terrible for me and fall into bed).  My weight has stayed pretty constant (about 10 pounds over where I’d like to be) but I look thinner, meaning my mother-in-law keeps trying to make me eat more, which is a problem.

I have tomorrow off work and I will definitely be sleeping in.


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