That Friday feeling (on a Saturday night)

I am so grateful to be at home in my pajamas right now.  This has been one hell of a week (yes, hell).

I got home from work around 10:45, rather earlier than I expected to, because we were super, super busy today at the store…just like we have been all week.  Last night I didn’t get home until 11.

Tonight was rather interesting, but somewhat entertaining.  My company’s return policy is pretty liberal.  You’ve got the receipt?  It’s obviously not worn?  Sure, we’ll take it back!  And that’s how I ended up processing a return for a lady who brought me 17 t-shirts she bought in March…last March.  As in 2014.  Who honestly keeps that many things that didn’t fit for that long?!  So I guess if you need a red, blue, or green v-neck t-shirt, come see me.  We have lots of them now.  At least she was nice.  Everybody was pretty nice, actually.  Yesterday we posted higher sales numbers than we did on Black Friday, apparently, and I remember what that day was like.  Yes.  People were much nicer today.

My plan for tomorrow is to sleep quite a lot.  I’m sure I’ll sleep in due to being up so late and being so tired tonight, and I’ll have to go to bed early because I have to get up early Monday morning to start training for my new position.  I won’t be able to stay awake for “Wolf Hall”–but the DVR is set to record it.

I’m excited about training, but not so excited about having to be there for 7 am!  There will be a lot of early mornings when I’m scheduled for that department, but coffee will get me through.

One other cool thing about today is that it was my in-laws’ 28th wedding anniversary.  They didn’t do anything for it, but they never do.  I guess when you’ve been married for twenty-eight years it’s just a blessing to have not killed each other yet.  Dallas and I could tell you for sure whether that’s the case in 2043.


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