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We’ve crossed one more thing off our list!

I had today off work, so Dallas and I had a nice lunch date at a local Korean place and then ran some errands. We bought blue paper on which to print some additional information we’re including with our wedding invitations, and, most importantly, we ordered our wedding cake!

It’s actually cupcakes. Two dozen yellow, two dozen chocolate, with white buttercream that the bakery is going to airbrush in various shades of blue for kind of an ombré effect.

We’re really excited. We’ll pick them up the day before our wedding, then bring them with us. We still have some decorations to buy and have to confirm the menu with our caterer, but I do feel like most of the big things are handled. Thank goodness!

I have Sunday off work this coming weekend (a rarity these days) and Dallas and I will be preparing invitations to go out.  He’s probably going to be on envelope-addressing duty, because his writing is so much nicer than mine.