Ready or not

Four months.  122 days.  That’s all we have left until our wedding day, and in some ways, it feels like it’s still an eternity away.  At times, it feels like we’ve got everything done and we don’t have a thing to worry about, then I get back to reality and realize just how much we still have to do.

We still have to:

  • Finalize the menu with the caterer
  • Talk to the bakery about ordering cupcakes (we’re not doing a traditional wedding cake because it would be a waste–we won’t have that many people there and virtually everyone is coming from a significant distance, so cupcakes will be easier)
  • Prepare our invitations for mailing
  • …actually mail the invitations
  • Keep track of who’s coming so we know how many people will be at the party and can give accurate numbers to the caterer and the bakery
  • Talk to my family about when they’re all going to try to get into town the day before the wedding, figure out what they’re going to want to see and do, leave ourselves some time to go get our wedding license (fun fact: one of the first questions on the Chatham County wedding license application, after the bride and groom’s addresses, asks “are you related?”)
  • Try to remember everything we need to get done without vomiting because how am I going to coordinate all of this and what if I forget something really important and why couldn’t we have just eloped

So yeah, there’s all of that.  We’re not even having a big wedding.  Frankly, I don’t know how anybody does it, unless they’re expected to for one reason or another, except because they want to be the center of attention or something.  (Dallas’ cousin, for instance, would not have been able to get away with doing something little like we are–I think there’s always been the expectation that she was going to have a big church wedding and the traditional reception.)  I know that if we had gone with my family’s wishes and gotten married in Michigan, it would have ended up being big, out-of-control, and the total opposite of what we wanted.  I’m aware that certain members of my family are not terribly happy about us getting married down here, but the “getting married up north” ship has sailed, as has the “us caring a great deal about what other people think of our plans” ship.  Oh well.

We’re hoping to get a lot of the above list (except the last bullet point, of course) done in the next couple of weeks around my work schedule.  I had the last two days off, and I won’t have two consecutive days off again in the foreseeable future.  The good news is that more hours mean bigger paychecks, but I’m scheduled to be at work a lot of the time that Dallas’ parents are home, so I won’t see them too much for the next couple of weeks.

Thankfully Dallas’ work schedule is very flexible, what with him working from home and all, so I’ll actually see him from time to time.  He got official confirmation yesterday that his research fellowship has been renewed for next academic year, which is a huge weight off both of our shoulders.  He’s hoping to schedule his dissertation defense soon, for sometime in late January or early February, which should give him time to make any corrections his committee requests before the final product has to be submitted in time for him to graduate in May 2016.  It sounds like his outside readers will be joining his defense via Skype, because who wants to go to Michigan that time of year?  Depending on whatever job I’m holding at that time, I may try to take time off to go with him…not because I miss the weather up there in the winter, but because maybe I’ll get to see some family and friends while he’s busy leveling up to become Dr. Michelbacher.


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