The little vacation that wasn’t

I had yesterday off of work–the first Saturday I’ve had off in two months.  It was a very early morning with a lot of driving, and ended up being a long day spent in Savannah (well, and in the car going to and from, and back home afterwards) with Dallas’ cousin Mary Alice and some of her bridesmaids.

I didn’t expect it to be the easiest day in the world, but it was pretty rough, especially on poor Mary Alice.  With so many of us to wrangle, I could tell she was stressed out, especially when she ended up having to change the color of half the girls’ dresses because the earliest they’d come in if they were ordered yesterday would have been the day of her wedding.  But I think she actually ended up liking the new color better, so that was good.  Of course some of her bridesmaids had to be difficult: one lives fairly close by, but said she forgot about the appointment, and then didn’t like the new dress color because she didn’t think she’d look good in it.  Another was literally hours late coming to get fitted, and way after she was supposed to be there, she called and said she was on her way but it would be a little while because she wanted to make other stops first.

I’m honestly glad I didn’t meet either of those girls face-to-face yesterday because I would have wanted to grab them and shake them.  For one thing, you were the one that said yes, you’d be a bridesmaid–nobody’s making you do this, and the least you can do is show up.  For another, it’s not your wedding.  Mary Alice is decidedly not a bridezilla–we’re allowed to wear any shoes we want as long as they’re silver or gray, and she isn’t making us all wear our hair and makeup any particular way.  Our dresses are beautiful, and honestly, I could probably get mine taken up to knee-length after their wedding and wear it again if Dallas and I get suckered into attending a cocktail hour or formal reception related to his teaching or research work at some point in the future.  I know most of the other ladies won’t necessarily be able to get the same versatility out of their dresses, but, depending on the alterations they need made, they could probably sell them to a girl looking for a dress for prom or a sorority formal or something next year.

The point is, she could have made us all wear bright yellow and neon orange (colors that look terrible on me), stilettos, ridiculous hairstyles, and a ton of makeup–and I’d show up, get through it, and act happy about it the entire time.  I considered it a great honor to be asked, and I feel like the bride should get what she wants.  Maybe that’s just me, though.

All in all, I had a pretty good time, other than not really knowing how to help with all of yesterday’s drama, except to remind Mary Alice that it’s her wedding and she’s just going to drive herself nuts trying to make everybody else happy.  (At one point she called her dad for some moral support and he pretty much told her that she just had too many bridesmaids.)  It was good to spend a Saturday with people around my age (oh, okay, mostly three or four years younger than me, but still) and not at work.  Perhaps it wasn’t the most relaxing day off work, but it was fun.

(Dallas was in and out of the tux shop in about 15 minutes, then he, another cousin, and the groom went out with his uncle and burned a bunch of dead grass off a field.  I think he had a good time.)

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