It just keeps getting better and better

Today’s post is coming to you from my backyard. Days like this always remind me of that one time it got up to about 80 in March in Mount Pleasant and people were sunbathing on Warriner Mall. (It’s only 45 at home today. Sorry, guys.)

Yesterday was…interesting. It’s amazing how good it felt to finally say what was on my mind for once instead of keeping it to myself. There was more I could have said and I could have been a lot more catty about it, but I pride myself on being an adult. Oh, and I slept like a baby last night and woke up next to my fiancé, who got back from DC while I was at work last night. Best feeling ever. If I’d known that’s how I’d feel, I would have said what I did a long time ago.

I’m finally getting trained to move into my new position sometime around Easter. I’ll still be doing some work with my current department and position, but I won’t be there as often. The new position requires very early mornings, but I’m fine with that. Back in the dark ages (high school) I had to get up no later than about 4:30 to get ready for school if I wanted to check email and MySpace (yes, MySpace) before I got in the shower. We had dial-up internet, one computer, and one bathroom. Now I can take coffee with me and everything, so that will definitely help.  Pretty exciting!

I have tomorrow off work, so I will be using the day to work out, listen to good music, and sunbathe.  I believe we’ll be going birding as well.  Honestly, the day off tomorrow couldn’t come at a better time–the weather will be beautiful, and it’s going to be wonderful to be able to experience it for myself instead of hearing all about how gorgeous it is out there from my customers.


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