Everything’s coming together!

There’s been a ton going on since we got back from London–mostly work, working out, and wedding planning.

My retail job has actually been pretty slow.  Yesterday I had to call out sick thanks to a stomach bug, and calling out actually made me feel worse than the fact that I had been throwing up for hours and couldn’t even move without wanting to get sick again.  After getting about a zillion hours of sleep yesterday afternoon and last night/this morning, I feel much better.  I don’t work again there until Saturday afternoon.  Thanks to my call-out, I’ll get paid for a whopping eleven hours this week, which sucks, but what can you do?  My work station is a good two-minute walk from the nearest restroom and I can’t exactly say “brb, gotta go puke” to a customer, can I?  Nope.  Didn’t think so.

Dallas and I joined our local Planet Fitness a couple of weeks into January.  We really like it.  He’s been working with the personal trainer there to develop a workout that will help him lose weight without putting undue strain on his bad hip (he developed synovitis when he was really little, and even now, that hip still bothers him from time to time).  This week, however, he’s in Washington, DC, doing research at the Holocaust Museum’s archives, so I’ve been working out at home instead of hitting the gym.

Wedding planning has been…a bit of a beast.  You would think for the kind of wedding we’re having, there would be next to no planning involved.  And it’s true–for the actual ceremony itself, we had a short meeting with our officiant and boom, it’s planned.  However, we have family coming from out of state (and I say “we” because once we’re married, they’re his family too) and that has required a lot of coordination.  It sounds like my grandparents, my mom, and most likely my sister are going to drive down together.  My aunt wants to fly, but my uncle has some concerns about their daughter (who will be about 14 months old when we get married) flying, and driving all that way with a baby that age is probably not doable, so they may not come down.  My dad and his girlfriend are coming, but I don’t know if they’re planning to fly into Atlanta and rent a car to drive to Savannah or what.  (Dad is a truck driver, so I’m really not sure that he will want to drive all the way from Michigan.)  My other grandparents are driving up from Florida.

Today I’m making a list of hotels with prices, and a map showing where all of them are in relation to our pre-ceremony party site (apparently it can only be a reception if you hold it afterwards, which would be nearly impossible since we’re getting married just before sunset) and our ceremony location.  Dallas and I are pretty much set on a place we’d like to stay in Savannah, but are trying to figure out if my family is on board with it; they’d like to stay where we are, or very close by, because we don’t see each other often anymore.  We’ll probably need to get rooms reserved soon.  As soon as we have a decent idea of how many people we’ll have (and I hope that’s soon), we have a caterer in mind–hopefully they aren’t already booked for that day.  We’re also going to get in touch with our favorite local bakery about cupcakes.  Dallas needs to get his clothes for the wedding.  He’s buying me my wedding shoes for Valentine’s Day…you might not think it’s the most romantic thing in the world, but he’s so practical and thoughtful, and I find that pretty romantic.

I’m going the do-it-yourself route for decorations for the party.  It should not be a surprise to anyone (least of all the people who got save-the-dates from us a couple months ago) that it’s going to be bird-themed.  Duh, it’s us.  Since I’m likely to cut and/or glue a couple of my fingers together in the process, I’m getting started early on all of that.

My coworkers keep asking me if I’m excited yet about our wedding.  I’m a little anxious that things won’t come together as planned, which is probably a valid concern when it’s essentially a destination wedding for all, including the bride and groom.  But I am excited to finally be marrying the man of my dreams.  It took me long enough to find him, and we’ve been engaged for such a long time while life took him a lot of different places.  Now, finally, we can make it legal.

It’s crazy.  We’ve been together over three years, and we’re getting married in less than six months.  I can’t help but think about all the things that could have gone wrong along the way, but they didn’t.  Somehow everything in the universe aligned just right, so we met, started dating, fell in love, and have been going strong ever since, and I’m ever so thankful for that.

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