Every day I’m snuffling

I have bronchitis.  The nurse practitioner told me it was “very bad” and that I need to see my doctor or go to a walk-in clinic sooner if I get sick like this again.  (Whoops.)  I’m taking two different cough medicines and have an albuterol inhaler to use.  The albuterol gives me some pretty serious hand tremors.  I’ve had to quit using my Yellow Submarine mug for now because I really don’t want to drop it and break it.  But when I’m taking all my medications as directed, I can breathe well enough to go to work and sleep all right at night, so I guess I can live with it.  Today we bought a humidifier, so hopefully that’ll help too.

Dallas has been incredible through all of this.  It was only a couple of years ago that if I had so much as a sniffle, he asked me to stay back from him so I wouldn’t get him sick too.  This week, he’s tucked me into bed, gotten me soft foods to eat, checked on me constantly, and paid for all my medicine.  I had the bad luck of getting really sick during the week I needed to pick up the two other medications I’m on, one of which isn’t covered by my insurance and therefore is stupid expensive–if he hadn’t paid for it, all of my medicine would have cost a little less than what I make in a week after taxes.  It wasn’t something I expected or would have asked him to do, but when I was digging out my debit card at the pharmacy, he jumped in front of the register with his.  I’m always thankful for him, but was especially thankful that day.

I had today off, work closing shifts the next two days, then work from 1-7 on Saturday and have to go in at 8:45 am on Sunday.  It’s not ideal, but it could always be worse.  Next Saturday we’re open until midnight and I have the closing shift then too.  Might have to hit up Waffle House afterwards.  I think I’ll have earned it.

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