Last year’s goals and what’s coming up next

This post is almost three months overdue.  Last fall, I wrote this, and listed off some things I was going to try to do in the coming year.  I posted an update to it on New Year’s Eve, but nothing since then.  Was I successful?

In a word, no.  Not particularly.

  1. Drink more water.  I’ve actually backslid on this.  In a typical day at job #2, I drink about 24 ounces of water (that’s over a six-hour shift), then I drink probably another 24 ounces at home.  Unfortunately, I drink a lot more coffee now than I was drinking back then.  I’ve also gotten into the bad habit of drinking an entire 12-ounce can of Mountain Dew during my fifteen-minute break every day at job #2, and I’ve been drinking a ton of hot chocolate (very sugary) at home.  For some reason these days I can’t ever get warm enough, but surely tea would be healthier than cocoa or coffee.
  2. Get in better physical shape.  Dallas and I didn’t end up running the Labor Day 5K in Macon this year, because we didn’t have the time or opportunity to train for it.  I spend my entire workday on my feet and on the move.  I don’t have a good way to measure it right now, but I estimate I walk at least 10,000 steps per shift.  I do a lot of bending and lifting at work as well.  Even so, my dietary habits have seriously deteriorated over the last couple of months.  I eat a lot more junk food now, and I’m sure that’s at least part of why I physically feel like crap a lot of the time.
  3. Cook or bake something new at least twice a month.  Nope, not happening.  I don’t have the time or the inclination these days.  When I’m not working, I just want to be sitting quietly and reading or playing a computer game.  When I cook, I’ve been sticking with the stuff I know I can make, and I haven’t baked anything in months.
  4. Get out with my big camera more this fall and winter.  I did do that, and got out with it quite a bit this spring and summer as well, but didn’t even think about bringing it when Dallas and I went to Tybee Island earlier this month.  It’s a shame, because I could have gotten some great bird pictures.
  5. Cull my closet.  I did that, but it’s out of control again.  In just these last couple of months, I’ve bought three new pairs of pants to wear to work (job #2 is a lot less casual than job #1 in terms of dress code), a few new business/dressy tops, at least four new sweaters, and a lot of other odds and ends.  I really need to go through my t-shirt drawer and get rid of some things.  I also need to replace other things that I wear often enough they’re starting to get a bit ratty.

I’m working on potential goals for this year, perhaps to start on Tuesday, which is my birthday.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Keep hunting for more opportunities.  Job #2 was originally intended to only be seasonal, but from the sounds of things, management is planning to keep me on after the holidays.  That’s great, I like my job a lot and my coworkers are wonderful, but I would still love to be working in my field.  My hope is that even if I can’t make my way into a job in my field, I will be able to have a particular weekday off every week or every other week, which I can use to volunteer in something related to history or museum work.  Right now I don’t feel like I can ask for that because this is a busy season, but maybe once we get into January or February it’ll be a possibility.
  • Become more comfortable with driving.  At this point, I don’t drive very often due to my anxiety disorder.  Things have gotten better since I’ve been on my medication, but it’s still something I’m mentally working through.  (It’s hard to transition towards a more normal perspective on driving after 10 years of it being a terrifying, panic attack-inducing situation.)  I’m hoping by the time Dallas and I get married, I’ll be comfortable enough with driving to start thinking about buying my own car.  It’s not fair to Dallas to have to drive me everywhere, and he would love for me to drive more often now, but his truck is still in his dad’s name and still on his parents’ insurance, so his dad would prefer I not drive the truck on the off chance I get in an accident.
  • Save more money.  Right now, what’s left of my paychecks after bills is primarily going towards our wedding.  After paying for the wedding is no longer a concern, I don’t want to turn around and blow that extra money on things I don’t need.  Dallas has applied for two teaching positions in other states, and if he gets offered either of those positions, we’ll obviously be moving, and we’ll need whatever savings we’ve got, especially if he gets the job he really wants.  That job would require us to move nearly 1,200 miles to upstate New York, to a town 20 miles from the Canadian border.  The other position he’s applied for has less long-term stability, but we’d only be moving to Huntsville, Alabama, which is where Dallas’ dad grew up.  Either way, we could use your positive thoughts/crossed fingers now, because if Dallas gets either job, we’d be moving right after we get married.

Not a very interesting list, I know…but it’s practical, and that’s what’s important to me.

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