The busiest season

I cannot, in my entire adult life, remember a time when I’ve been as busy as I am now.  I’m doing some things in-office and from home for job #1, working 25-30 hours a week at job #2 (which will probably go up as we get closer to Christmas, because that’s kind of a thing in retail), getting things squared away for our wedding, and, in my ever-decreasing spare time, reading anything I can get my hands on about London.  Why?  Because Dallas and I are going in January, that’s why!

This is a fairly recent development.  Dallas has been set to present some of his research at a conference in London in early January for quite some time now, but I wasn’t sure I could get the time off work (at job #2; job #1 doesn’t need me for but a few hours a week right now) to go with him.  I put in for it, and my boss let it sit in the queue for five days before I got a message that it’d been rejected.  I was a little upset, because it sounded like I was going to get the time off, and resubmitted the request with a note asking if I could request at least some of it off and switch shifts with other people for the rest, then went and talked to my boss about it the next morning.  Turns out he meant to hit “approve” in the computer program!  So we booked our tickets a couple of days ago.  We’re flying from Atlanta to Heathrow non-stop on the night of January 5th and returning (again non-stop) on the 10th.  While we’re there, I definitely want to go to Abbey Road and to go see Big Ben.  I haven’t decided what else I’d like to see.  Also, I’ll get to use my nearly three-year-old passport once before I have to pay out the nose to have it reissued after we get married and I change my name, so I guess that’s cool.  I’ve never flown before, and my first flight will be a long international flight.  It’s a little scary to consider, but I think everything will be okay since Dallas will be with me.  It’ll be a nice little break.

In regards to our wedding: we mailed the save-the-dates over the last three days.  We’ve booked our reception site (not a traditional reception, because of the sunset wedding and the fact that Dallas’ parents, among others, will most likely have to head back home after the ceremony–we’re having a party in Savannah beforehand, then driving out to the island to get married).  We’ve figured out the wording for our invitations, even though it’ll be a while before we send those.  We’re still working on food: probably going to have the late lunch/early dinner at the party partially catered (entree and some sides), and I’ll have bought or made some of the side dishes a day or two in advance.  My bouquet and Dallas’ boutonniere are almost done; we ordered a custom set from a wonderful lady on Etsy.  (She sent me pictures of the nearly-completed bouquet today and I almost shrieked because it. is. amazing.) All in all, it feels like we have gotten a ton done in the last few weeks.  We’re still 247 days out from our wedding, which is a pretty long time, but I know it’s going to fly by, so I’m glad we’ve gotten this much done already.

This coming Tuesday is my 27th birthday.  Kind of wild.  There were times in the last few years that I honestly didn’t think I’d be here, or be this happy, right now.  It’s also kind of put me in a weird place mentally.  27 is one’s “late twenties”, isn’t it?  It’s a little depressing.  At least I’m working on my birthday; I think that’ll help keep my mind off of it all.


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