Better all the time

I feel like my mood is still going up, up, up.  Being less anxious in general has been great for me.  It’s done wonders for my self-confidence, too.

I’ve had an incredible amount of support from friends and family since I made my anxiety problems public.  I really am fortunate to be surrounded by such loving, caring people.  If any of you are reading this (you know who you are), thank you!

A lot has happened in the week and a day since my last post here.  Last Monday I had an interview for a part-time seasonal job for a little extra money, and they called me on Tuesday to extend a job offer, contingent on the results of a background check.  Obviously that came back just fine, so on Saturday my new boss called to ask if I could start today.  I already knew I wasn’t needed at my other job, so I went to the new job for the first time this morning.  I think I’m going to like this new job; I’ve met a few of my coworkers and they all seem very nice.  Today was just a training day

I have tomorrow off, which is good–Dallas goes to see his new psychiatrist tomorrow afternoon and really wanted me to come if I could.  I’ll actually be going to work at both of my jobs on Wednesday: the office in the morning, the new job in the afternoon.  I’ve usually had Wednesday off, but the boss is going to the dentist and wants me to cover the phones for part of the morning.  I’ll have plenty of time to go home, eat, and change before I head to my other job.  Wednesday will be an exercise in time management, I guess.


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