100 Happy Days: Week 14

…okay, I lied in my last post.  Instead of waiting until Day 100 to make my final 100 Happy Days post, I’m putting this up on what was the usual day (until I missed it in all the madness last week).  Days 99 and 100 will follow on Friday as sort of a lead-in to the post I’ve been working on behind the scenes these last fourteen weeks.  That’s where I’ve been (and here I’m paraphrasing an old friend) peeling back the layers and exposing the nerve.

To put that into perspective, I never spent more than about ten weeks writing anything in the past, except a science-fiction story I laboriously worked on for about three years in high school and then promptly lost the first time my hard drive crashed in college.  Oops.  So I guess I’m looking forward to it.  In some ways, it’s been painful to look inside myself and admit I’m not the best person I could be, but it’s been refreshingly cathartic as well.


At some point on Day 93 (possibly after I went by the doctor’s office and found out that, whoops, somebody in the office told me my appointment was on one date and then put it in the calendar on a different date), I realized I’d never written last week’s post.  I got on that in the later afternoon hours, after Dallas and I ran some errands.  That night, while I was in a pretty down mood, I settled in to write and ended up with a faux-artsy picture of my keyboard.

I attempted to bake cookies on Day 94, as I mentioned in my last post.  “Attempted” was one way of putting it.  I was working with a different recipe because my go-to sugar cookie recipe tends to puff up and spread out as the cookies bake, and these were going to have shapes and colors.  Well, if y’all didn’t know, maybe don’t do that.  All I did was cut the recipe in half and, man, I don’t know if I messed up the math someplace, but those cookies were rock-hard and chewy.  I made a half-assed attempt to decorate them, but ended up with cookie icing all over the place.  Turns out it doesn’t set well in 95° heat and high humidity.  It also turns out that it stains skin.  Dallas and I ended up making peanut butter/chocolate chunk cookies on Friday evening instead, which still ended up melting together on Saturday, but at least they were edible.  The best part of the entire day was the chai latte I had for breakfast.

Despite the cookie disappointment, and a bunch of crazy things over the course of the day, Saturday, my Day 95, was easily one of the best days Dallas and I have had together in a long time.  We’ve both stayed pretty busy lately, but on Saturday morning, we left the house at about ten after six to drive over to Auburn.  Dallas took this picture of me downtown for breakfast at Big Blue Bagel.  We hung out with friends, stopped by the SEC Network broadcast for a few minutes, tailgated with other friends, got rained on, ended up almost right in front at Tiger Walk (almost close enough to actually high-five the team and coaches–we could have actually been close enough to do that but for this incredibly rude couple who insisted their very young kids needed to be in the front and have room to move around), baked in the sun, witnessed the eagle flight and the marching band pre-game performance, chewed our nails when Arkansas actually managed to keep it close in the first half, saw the halftime show, crowded into the concourse with tens of thousands of other people when there was an 88 minute lightning delay, went back out, got rained on again (including a roaring stadium-wide singalong to “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”, which might have been the most fun part of the whole day, actually), finished the game, and elected to skip Toomer’s Corner this time because toilet paper + slippery metal wires + at least an inch of rain = disaster.  We may get tickets to a non-conference game this season, dependent on finances and work: it’ll be cheaper than another SEC game and possibly less crowded.  Hopefully if we do that, the weather will be better.

After that, Day 96 was almost a letdown.  We were both exhausted–game day was essentially twenty straight hours of go time for us–so we slept in a little, but I felt wonky for the rest of the day anyway.  As a result, I missed posting my Day 96 photo on actual Day 96.  I took this picture of Gabby that day when I was on the other part of the couch trying hard to get up and go do something, which is why it’s blurry.  I just couldn’t summon the strength to sit up.  Lazy, I know.

Labor Day was Day 97.  I spent it going back over the big box of pictures Dallas’ dad brought back from his father’s house in Alabama when he died back in 2005.  There were a couple of documents in it as well.  Luckily for me and my research, Dallas happens to be a near-fluent speaker and reader of the German language, so he helped me translate.  Dallas’ great-great-grandparents never registered the births of either of their children with the proper authorities, and the census didn’t ask for full birth dates.  We got their son’s birthdate from his World War I draft card, but Dallas’ great-grandmother was a mystery.  The 1900 census said she was born in July 1892, but now we know she was actually born on July 15, 1893, and baptized on August 27 of that year at the Harrison Avenue Evangelical Church.    Her baptismal certificate is beautiful.  It’s not in great shape, so at some point in the future when we’ve got a little more money to play with I want to get in touch with a document restoration service about the baptismal certificate, as well as her father’s naturalization/citizen certificate and her parents’ marriage certificate (both of which are in pretty poor condition).  I’ve got enough archival/museum experience to know how to handle these documents properly, but I definitely wouldn’t attempt to stabilize or restore them on my own.

I caught this lazy lil’ fella sleeping on Day 98.  It wasn’t hard to catch him, as he was in Dallas’ lap on the couch.  I’m actually surprised Dallas had any feeling in his legs, because OC weighs close to twenty pounds.  For something so large and grumpy, he sure is cute when he sleeps.

So yeah.  Today is Day 99, tomorrow Day 100, and on what I guess could be Day 101 there’s a summary post coming.

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