100 Happy Days: Weeks 11 and 12

As promised, here are the last two weeks of my 100 Happy Days posts.  This time last week, we were in Michigan, and I didn’t bring my computer.  I could have typed the whole post on my phone, or asked my Pops if I could use his, but I was busy spending time with my family for the first time in 15 months.

These summaries will be somewhat brief–not so much in a writing mood right now.  However, I’m writing and posting this early, because why not?

Day 71 was the last day we were in Georgia before our long trip up north.  We went to the dentist (no cavities!) and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home, hanging out with Dallas’ mom, the dogs, and the cats.  You can’t see it, but there’s a stick just out of frame here.

On Day 72, we stopped for the night in Piqua, Ohio, where I donned my brand-new pajamas.  It’s like they were made for me…except a medium from Forever 21 is apparently way too big now. 😦

We finally made it to our first destination, Mount Pleasant, on Day 73.  We were originally going to just go straight up to my mom’s that night, but we ended up hanging out with friends long enough that it made more sense to just get a room and stay the night.  We went to our friend Katie’s place for a while that evening, and two of her housemates have cats.  Here is one of those cats.  He was too precious for words.

We got up to Mom’s on Day 74 for a big gathering with both of my siblings and their significant others.  It was the first time in probably close to two years that all of us kids were in one place.  Also in that place: Mom and Keith’s three dogs, including Mr. Jack Attack, king of getting up in your lap when you don’t want him there…but oh, how can you resist these sad eyes?

Day 75 contained the best ice cream.  The Alpine Chocolat Haus is basically the best candy store ever.  They’re probably best known for their caramel corn (which is delicious and the only form in which I will consume popcorn), but the chocolate-covered potato chips are also near-legendary.  So what did they do?  Had a local ice cream company come up with a salted caramel/chocolate-covered potato chip ice cream, of course!  I would weigh, like, 400 pounds if I still lived right down the street.

We journeyed up to my grandparents’ house on Day 76.  They’ve always had flowers on their porch and around their house.  Here’s a close-up of one of them.  I would’ve taken and posted a picture of my grandparents and I, but they’re not big on being in pictures.  Pops is usually the one behind the camera and Meem has never liked having her picture taken, so there are not very many pictures of her with me when I was little, either.

Day 77 was, hands down, the best day of the summer.  Why?  Because I finally got to meet the world’s cutest baby!  Fun fact: Julia is the first baby Dallas has ever held.  Here he is, already a pro.  She is holding his hand, too.

Julia is in my Day 78 picture too.  We totally did not plan this matching thing.  Based on her hair, can you tell that her dad has been making his living as a rock musician for the last 25+ years?  Seriously, that hair, so cute.

On Day 79, we went to Mackinac Island, where Dallas met another Auburn alum–a police dog who was partially trained at the veterinary school.  He was on the Island for more training, and his handler came over when she saw Dallas’ sweatshirt (a hand-me-down from his dad, who, uh, also graduated from the veterinary school, though not quite the same program).  I took this picture on the way back.  The Mackinac Bridge has been a constant in my life–I played on the beach nearby as a child, worked under the south approach as a college student, and had a pretty good idea that Dallas was “the one” by the time I made him stand in front of it for a picture when it was 15 degrees outside. (The fact that he did it without complaining only made me like him even more.)

We had to say some sad goodbyes on Day 80–it was time to leave my grandparents’ house and go see my dad and his girlfriend.  Dad and Linda’s dogs did their best to make us feel better.  Kaiser, Dad’s German Shepherd, has always been Dallas’ BFF when we’ve gone to visit.  He has been known to physically force me off a piece of furniture, on to the floor, so he could sit or lay next to Dallas.  He’s a full-grown dog now, and is he beautiful or what?!

On Day 81, we headed back south.  It was a very, very long day.  For some reason, we decided to plan on stopping for the night in our usual place, Knoxville, Tennessee…even though we were starting our drive over a hundred miles north of where we usually do.  We ended up stopping for dinner not too long before dark in Richmond, Kentucky, home of Eastern Kentucky University.  They’ve got a planetarium, yet the local Red Lobster is a more interesting “tourist activity”, I guess.

Finally, finally arrived home in Georgia on Day 82.  These were waiting for us!  Dallas took the picture, and it’s his hand holding the tickets.  We’re so excited!  The tickets were (in my raised-on-MACtion opinion) really expensive, especially for where we’re sitting (maybe we can get dinner on the moon afterwards, I don’t know, might be closer than Momma G’s).  But I’d imagine a game between two SEC teams will be a great deal more exciting than, say, the CMU vs. Akron match I attended with a free press ticket in 2012 (because somebody from the local newspaper was like “pleeeeease, take this off my hands, nobody wants it”).

On Day 83, I unpacked.  In addition to the suitcase I brought with me, I came back with a Rubbermaid tote filled with some of my books, a pile of sheet music, and the rest of my DVDs.  It was at this point I realized that, based on my DVD collection, one might assume I’m a real adult…until they get to my Canadian copy of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and my Rutles films.

Today was Day 84.  It was painful: girl applies for job, girl feels really good about possibility of getting said job, girl dreams about the financial stability that would result from getting the job…and then the job contacts the girl and says “sorry, we’ve got better candidates, good luck with your job search”.  Ouch.  I am down, but not out–I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing and applying for more jobs.  I would gladly have eaten a whole pint of ice cream, but all I had in the freezer was a pineapple popsicle.






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