100 Happy Days: Week 9

Ah, yes.  Here we are again.  I think we’ve all pretty well adjusted to Dallas being home.  It’s good to know where he is and that he is happy, healthy, and safe.  Not that Germany’s an unsafe place or anything, but he’s been all over eastern Europe and to Israel within the last year, and there were plenty of things to worry about when he was in all of those places.

Without further ado, this week’s pictures are up ahead.

Day 57 was my love’s 24th birthday.  This year, when he called himself old, I threatened to throw a pillow at him.  (He’s joked in the past that I’m a cougar because I’m two and a half years older than him.)  Anyway, I got up and found this on our bathroom mirror.  How lucky am I?!  It was his birthday and he made me a present.  Apparently he dreams about rings and wedding bells and I dream of a house and a family.  I guess between the two of us we’ve got it covered.

I spent the morning of Day 58 at work trying to solve an issue with the main printer in our office.  I still can’t get it to do everything the boss wants it to do, but at least it works now, which it wasn’t doing that morning.  Then I got the afternoon off so we could go hit up our local farmer’s market.  It’s seriously the closest thing to heaven you will ever find in Warner Robins on a Thursday afternoon.  We kept each other away from the baked goods and fudge because we’re trying to eat better and get into shape.  We got my mother-in-law a watermelon and a basket of tomatoes.  Oh my goodness, those tomatoes.  My mouth is watering thinking about them now.  I’ll never understand why Dallas hates tomatoes.

On Day 59, my mother-in-law’s new elliptical arrived.  Well, she ordered it and paid for it, all of us except my father-in-law have been using it.  Since I’ve proven myself to be good at furniture assembly in the past, she wanted me to put it together.  I swore so many times that day.  Dallas helped as much as he could, but it’s a 200+ pound piece of equipment and we were trying to put it in a space about four feet wide behind the couch in the living room so there just wasn’t enough room for both of us.  It’s put together, and it works, so I guess that’s what counts, right?

I then declared Day 60 to be “Lazy Sunday” and realized we had the last six episodes of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey available through our cable company’s on demand service, so I watched a couple of those.  I took this picture as the Pleiades came on screen during the episode entitled “Sisters of the Sun”, which was really good (hey, women doing science! I wish I’d known about the “Harvard computers” when I was a kid because they’re really inspiring.).

Day 61 was hot, even in comparison to the weather I’ve become accustomed to since I’ve lived in Georgia.  At one point it was raining and the wind was holding steady at about 10 mph…and the heat index was still almost 105 degrees.  When I took this picture, the sun was getting ready to set and the heat index was hovering around 99-100 degrees.  And the air was just…so…heavy.  Not even a hint of a breeze.  This definitely hit the spot.

We were under a severe thunderstorm watch for a good bit of Day 62 for some reason.  Did we get anything?  Of course not!  No, I take that back.  We heard a little thunder and got about ten drops of rain on the kitchen window.  And I guess we got an okay sunset out of it too.

I had a bit of a sweet tooth on Day 63. Dallas brought me a bunch of chocolate back from Germany and Israel. He remembered I looooove Milka (one of my very best friends from grad school is from Scotland, and she brought me some back when she went home for Christmas while she was working on her master’s degree at CMU). This was not my favorite candy bar he brought back as far as the flavor was concerned (the chocolate cream and yogurt-filled ones were tastier–and the yogurt one didn’t really taste like you’d expect yogurt to taste) but it was definitely the prettiest.

Next Wednesday Dallas and I both have dentist appointments.  I hope it’s not too bad…I hadn’t been to the dentist in years before we went back in February, and my teeth were fine then.  So here’s hoping it goes that well this time too.  Then on Thursday we’re leaving for our trip to Michigan!  We’re still working on making plans, but it looks like we’ll spend a day and night in Mount Pleasant before heading up to stay with my mom and stepdad for a couple days.  Mom has the whole weekend off when we’ll be getting up to their area, so that will be nice.


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